St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
to Dec 3

St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

St. Croix, the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, offers a tranquil tropical destination for vacationers, honeymooner, scuba divers and more. Rich in cultural diversity, St. Croix has a past filled with a fascinating history.

Spain, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, the Knights of Malta, Denmark and the United States all played a role in St Croix's past and brought their influence to the native Arawak and Carib peoples. Experience the unique culture of St. Croix through its arts, crafts, music and more during a variety of festivals and cultural events throughout the year.
But these are only a few of the things you can enjoy on the island.  St. Croix provides gorgeous beaches, world-class recreational activities, wonderful scuba diving and snorkeling, fine dining, casino, and golf.  Although only 22.7 miles long and 8 miles at its widest point, the landscape of St. Croix is surprisingly diverse. Visiting just the two main towns of St. Croix will give you a glimpse of the island’s incredible history—from regal 18th and 19th-century homes in Christiansted to a tropical rain forest in Frederiksted.

The beauty and diversity of the U.S. Virgin Islands extends far beyond the white sands of the shore. St. Croix offers amazing beauty and variety below sea level as well. Nowhere else in the Caribbean can you dive a wreck, wall, pier and reef all in one day! Whether you are newly certified or an advanced diver, diving in the U.S. Virgin Islands is easy, accessible and offers an array of experiences for everyone. And because the U.S. Virgin Islands is a territory of the United States, you'll enjoy the added safety of diving within U.S. waters. This means that all dive boats are inspected by the U.S. Coast Guard and captains are USCG certified.

Sea life is abundant in the U.S. Virgin Islands. More than 500 species of fish, 40 types of coral and hundreds of invertebrates inhabit the water. Vibrant blue tang, silvery horse-eye jacks, queen triggerfish, spiny Caribbean lobster, spotted eagle rays, creole wrasses, and cleaner gobies are just a sampling of the marine life populating the underwater terrain. As sun sets, octopus, seahorses and moray eels make their appearance. Hawksbill, green, and leatherback turtles, call the USVI home and can be seen on many a dive. Lucky vacationers may even witness turtles hatching on one of the many turtle nesting grounds.

More diving facts

  • The average water temperature is around 82 F (29 C) in the summer and 80 F (26 C) in the winter. Most visitors are comfortable in shorty-style wetsuits year-round.

  • Visibility generally ranges from 60-100 feet, but it can occasionally be higher or lower depending on weather conditions.

  • A recompression chamber is available on St. Thomas in case of dive emergencies

If you are looking for a unique island experience, then please join us in St Croix.

Your Vacation Includes
** 7 nights at Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort and Casino W/2 per Beachfront ROH room
** All Meals and Beverages at 4 restaurants
** 5 days of 2-tank boat dives
** Use of non-motorized water sports equipment
** There is tennis, 2 pools, a fitness center, movies, free parking
** Activities include:  one free scuba dive resort course, one free round of mini-golf,
    guided snorkeling and kayaking tours, and poker lessons at the Casino
** Includes a 15% food and beverage gratuity, hotel taxes and surcharges

Does not include Airfare to St Croix or airport transfers.  We will share rental vehicles as divers will need vehicles to get to dive shop and everyone else for land excursions into town, etc.  Does not include dive master tips.

Diver $2095 p.p
Non-Diver $1595 p.p.


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to May 11


Join George and Diane on the vacation of a life time.  From April 30 to May 11, 2018 in beautiful and exotic Derawan Islands, Indonesia

Derawan Islands is part of the Coral Triangle which contains one of the richest marine biodiversity environments on earth.  Derawan Islands feature 872 species of reef fishes, 507 species of coral, and invertebrates including protected species (5 giant clam species, 2 sea turtles, (green and hawksbill), coconut crab, etc.)  Some of the islands harbor the heavily exploited turtle eggs and yet is the largest green turtle nesting site in Indonesia.  Derawan Islands is a nesting beach for sea turtles.

The Derawan Islands have at least two lakes containing non-stinging jellyfish, one in Kakaban Island and the other in Maratua Island.  We will be able to snorkel in one of these.

Diving in Derawan Islands have the same diversity as the wild life.  Everything from macro to the big stuff.  Manta ray dives along beautiful reefs with schools of tropical fish and sharks.  The macro life offers all the small and rare shrimp, crabs, and strange aquatic life found only in the coral triangle.  You will find various types of octopi, as well as lion fish and other rarely seen creatures, if we're lucky. 

Your Trip Includes
• R/T Air from JFK to Berau
• R/T Transfers to resort
• 9 nights at the Derawan Diving Lodge in a beach front chalet with AC
• Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Daily
• 8 days of 3 tank boat dives
• FREE Nitrox

Not Included
• Transportation to JFK and return (although we may get limo service from UWW)
• Alcohol, Tips, and personal expenses
• Add-on night dives at $45 per dive
• Marine Park fee

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Galapagos Liveaboard
to May 5

Galapagos Liveaboard

The Galapagos islands are situated on the equator over 500 miles off the coast of Ecuador (of which they are a province). The islands are volcanic and their distance to the main land gave species the option to evolve far away from similar species on the main land of South America. The islands are on at the crossroads of three different currents bringing in lots of nutrients and with that lots of marine animal life! The waters surrounding the islands of Wolf and Darwin are considered two of the best dive sites in the world! Diving near Wolf means seeing large pelagics, like hammerheads, white tips and Galapagos sharks. You’ll also keep an eye out for red-lipped bat fish, barracuda, moray eels and dolphins.

At Darwin we will be diving “Darwin’s Arch”, an amazing drift dive along the wall at only about 30 ft. Medium to strong currents can be expected, but bring hammerheads, black tips, silky sharks and Galapagos sharks in large numbers! Schools of jacks are common here, along with turtles, angelfish and moray eels.


On the northwest point of Fernandina island we will be diving with marine iguanas (!), the only iguanas in the world that go in the ocean to feed on algae. But there is more to see, sea lions, fur seals and penguins inhabit the same waters around Fernandina island. Off of Isabela island we may be able to spot the elusive Mola Mola (sunfish). The shallow reef on the west side of Isabela island will give us the opportunity to see smaller animals, like frogfish, octopus, nudibranchs and flatworms. Cousin’s rock at Santiago island is formed of coral covered rock and lava flow. Here, corals and sponges encrust ledges and overhangs and shelter more small critters, like hawkfish, nudibranchs and seahorses. Off the wall you may see giant manta rays, mobula rays, and hammerhead sharks and as you ascent to the top of the wall you can end your dive playing with sea lions at only 10 ft below the surface!

We have chosen the warmer season with the higher water temperatures which means we will be seeing water temperatures ranging from 70-86 F. This is the season for sightings of giant manta rays, mobula and cow nose rays along with schooling hammerhead sharks. Suitable thermal protection will be necessary as we will see water temperatures at both extremes of the temperature range. Near Wolf and Darwin the water will be warmer and the more southern islands will have water temperatures in the low 70s. At many sites currents can be strong and visibility may diminish due to currents and influx of nutrients. Therefore, diving in the Galapagos can be challenging, even for the experienced diver, and as such it is highly recommended that divers have training beyond beginner level and a minimum experience of 50 dives, preferably in similar conditions.

Included in your Dive Vacations
• 10 nights aboard the M/V Galapagos Master
• 27-30 Dives
• Minimum of 2 Land Excursions
• Meals and non-alcoholic drinks
• Airport Transfers between the M/V Galapagos Master and San Cristobal Airportw

Not included: 
• Airfare
• Additional hotel nights in Ecuador
• Galapagos National Park Tax - $100
• Hyperbaric Chamber Fee - $35
• Mandatory Dive Insurance
• Highly Recommended Travel Insurance

Links to additional information:

Space is limited! Don’t miss out on the adventure of a life time at this UNESCO World Heritage site!

$7,075 p.p. Lower Deck
$7,225 p.p. Upper Deck
*Deposit Required to hold spot

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Bonaire, Netherland Antilles
to Jul 29

Bonaire, Netherland Antilles


For 30 years, Underwater World has been traveling annually to a true "Divers Paradise", Bonaire!


Located in the southern Caribbean Sea, Bonaire is an island that is an absolute must for all divers of all levels of experience.  With water temperatures in excess of 84 degrees and visibility upwards of 100 ft, you will be able to easily marvel at the over 55 different species of coral and over 470 species of marine life.  Whether you are searching for Turtles, Eagle Rays, Octopi, Seahorses, or Frogfish, Bonaire has it all.

Buddy Dive Resort is located right on the water and only a short swim from one of the best beach dives on the island.  With two swimming pools and a restaurant perfectly positioned to watch the sunset, you will find unparalleled paradise on this small island.  Buddy Dive also includes a rental vehicle for each condo, allowing divers to truly take advantage of the unlimited shore diving and nitrox package!

** R/T Non-Stop Air from Newark to Bonaire
** 7 nights in a 2 Bedroom/ 2 Bath Condo - double occupancy
** Rental Vehicle per condo
** Full Daily Breakfast
** 50% food credit at Blennies (up to a max of $75)
** Nine 1-tank boat dives, unlimited shore diving including night dives & dawn dives
** Unlimited Nitrox
** Manages's Rum Punch Party
** Airport transfers in Bonaire
** Hotel and Air Taxes
Pricing is $1960.00 PP for 4 in a two bedroom condo

** Airport transfers in the United States
** Dive Master Tips

Studio, One-Bedroom Condo, and Three-Bedroom Condo Pricing is available, just ask.




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Dumaguete, Philippines
to Jun 19

Dumaguete, Philippines

  • Atlantis Dive Resort (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Dumageute has always been known for it's amazing underwater photography and gorgeous diving. In fact many of the world's most famous photographers spend many weeks a year in Dumaguete taking some of the most famous pictures and videos that have ever hit the SCUBA diving scene. 

The love for Dumaguete begin back in the 16th Century, when Moro pirates would often raid the coastal community as they attempted to make a home for themselves (much like Nassau). Dumaguete is a small but bustling city of only about 13 square miles and 150,000 people. Air temperatures remain relatively constant throughout the year averaging about 85 degrees but the city experiences a dry and rainy season. The driest month is in April (the time of this vacation) and the wettest being October with nearly 4 times the amount of rainfall. 

Diving in Dumaguete is an amazing experience that is perfect for divers of all levels. Fantastic for photography, the shallow reefs are home to many rare ocean creatures. With over 3,000 species of fish and 448 species of coral, there is always something new to find and enjoy. With water temperatures averaging 81 degrees and visibility upwards of 80ft, it will be easy for you to find great photo subjects such as the pipefish, mandarin fish, ribbon eels, wonders octopus and many, many nudibranchs. If you have never experienced the life of the Pacific Ocean, it is totally different than the Caribbean, in a fantastically colorful and interesting way! 

Relax while you are on land at the Atlantis Dive Resort. Long peaceful stretches of beaches surrounded by gorgeous lush trees. Tropical gardens full of some of the rarest plants in the Philippines are located all along the resort. Beautiful, fully air conditioned rooms with free wireless internet allow you to stay in touch with home and share the experience you are having with friends and family. All meals at Toko's  fine dining restaurant are included. Enjoy fresh local products and flavors prepared to the highest international standards. Lonely Planet called Toko's "world class cuisine." Need a little more relaxing? Atlantis offers a wide range of therapeutic and relaxing Spa services, including an incredibly affordable, 2 hour hot stone. Atlantis is truly a full service resort and dive center. They will handle everything from loading your equipment on the boat to rinsing it and preparing it for your next dive. This is truly a luxurious experience. 

Included in your vacation 

  • 9 Nights in a Deluxe or Gardenview Room at Atlantis Dumaguete Resort
  • All meals at Toko's Restaurant
  • Unlimited Internet Access 
  • Unlimited scheduled boat diving (up to 5 dives a day including night diving) 
  • Free Nitrox 
  • Hotel Taxes 
  • Airport Transfers to/from Dumaguete Airport

About Airfare

Airfare is not included but is incredibly reasonable. Philippines air has a non-stop, roundtrip flight from JFK for about $950 (at time of quote). There are a few other options that we would be happy to discuss with you. Airfare to the Philippines is less than airfare to the Caribbean! 

Diver: $2080 p.p.
Non-Diver: $1275.00 p.p.


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to May 22


Join Underwater World as we take a group to Key Largo in the Florida Keys.  We will be diving with Captain Slates and staying at Bayside Inn. 
ive some of the most well-known and iconic reefs and wrecks in the world.  Davis Reef, Pleasure Reef, Crocker Wall, Molasses Reef, Snapper Ledge, Pillar Coral Reef, the Wreck of the Spiegel Grove, the Wreck of the Eagle, the Wrecks of the USCG Bibb & Duane, and the world famous Creature Feature dive.
Details below:

 $795.00 Per Person Includes:
** 4 nights at Bayside, Key Largo double occupancy, 3 days of 2-tank diving with Captain Slates, tanks, weights, hotel taxes and service charges.  Additional diving may be purchased
for afternoon diving or night dives.

Not included:  Air fare to Ft Lauderdale or Miami. 
                        Rental vehicle from airport to Key Largo
                        Meals, snacks & beverages, rental gear, and tips to dive crew.
                        OR you can always drive your own vehicle to Florida


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Cuan Law Live-Aboard, British Virgin Islands
to May 20

Cuan Law Live-Aboard, British Virgin Islands

Beyond the Bahamas lies a chain of islands in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands, and the best way to dive this area is by live-aboard. 

The Cuan Law provides the ultimate live-aboard diving experience in the BVI. The ambiance is both fun and relaxed, with a wide range of activities to suit divers of all ages, as well as non-diving guests too! At 150ft long and 44ft wide, the Cuan Law is the largest trimaran in the world and accommodates up to 20 guests in her 10 spacious staterooms. The all-inclusive rates cover all your meals, snacks, beverages and bar, as well of the use of water toys. The stunning British Virgin Islands are the best enjoyed from the sea and offer over 100 dive sites including reefs, pinnacles and many of the best wreck dives in the world. The calm, clear waters are suitable for divers of all experiences. 

Included in your diving vacation; 

  • Up to 19 Dives including the famous wreck Rhone
  • Daily eco-adventures and sailing 
  • Gourmet meals, snacks and drinks 
  • Taxes and Fees 


Airfare is not included but we would happy to help your coordinate this. 
Space is EXTREMELY LIMITED. Contact Nancy ASAP for reservations. 

Diver: $2845 p.p.

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to Apr 29

Curacao (Ladies Only)

Back by popular demand, our Annual Ladies Only Trip! This will be the ninth year for our Ladies only trip, so whether you're a "Single Lady" (as Beyoncé once said) or a lady that just needs to get away from the family for a week, this is the vacation for you! 

This year's destination, Curacao, Dutch Antilles! 

Curacao is an island country in the southern Caribbean Sea, approximately 40 miles north of the Venezuelan coast.  Curacao has some of the best diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean!  Beautiful coral reefs, and abundant marine life is located just off the shore of their white sand beaches. Divers of all experience levels will find themselves gliding through the calm 80-84 degree blue waters where visibility can reach upwards of 100 feet or more.   This trip includes both boat and beach diving, and an amazing house reef for wonderful snorkeling. 

When you're on land, you can enjoy all that the resort has to offer.  Sunscapes Curacao is all inclusive!  They have 4 pools, a beautiful white sandy beach, paddle boarding, live entertainment, a rock climbing wall, several restaurants and bars, a nightclub, and much more. There will be nothing left for you to do, except lay back and enjoy true relaxation.  This resort is only 10 miles from the airport and only 4 miles from the Capital city of Willemstad where you can shop for local handicrafts and visit a famous liqueur distillery where you can taste the original Blue Curacao.

Join our Lady Divers this year, you will enjoy yourself so much, it may even become part of your annual vacation plans! 

Included in your vacation; 

  • Deluxe Garden View Room (double occupancy)
  • 10 Boat Dives
  • Unlimited Shore diving on boat dive days
  • All Meals and Drinks 
  • Use of all resort facilities
  • Transfers to the Resort in Curacao
  • Round trip Airfare from JFK on Jet Blue and limo to JFK from UWW

Diver: $2340 p.p. double occupancy
Non-Diver: $1825 p.p. double occupancy

*Single Rate, Ocean view, and Ocean Front Rooms Available Upon Request for an additional charge.  Ground only rates available too.

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to Oct 1

Dominica Sept 24 - Oct 1, 2016

Dominica is nature's island!

Dominica is a mountainous Caribbean island nation distinguished by geothermal hot springs. Its most famous spring may be the volcanically heated, steam-covered Boiling Lake, which falls within Morne Trois Pitons National Park. This preserve also encompasses rainforest, sulphur vents, the twin waterfalls of Trafalgar Falls and narrow Tito Gorge. To the west is Dominica's capital Roseau, with colorful timber houses and botanic gardens. Dominica is a truly beautiful island with preserved culture. She is a diver's dream and a hiker's paradise! Dominica is trailhead to adventure and discovery, online any other Caribbean destination. She has volcanic peaks, boiling waters and underwater champagne springs; sparkling waterfalls, rushing streams and rainforest canopies. 

During your Dominica Dive Vacation you will be staying at Fort Young Hotel in Roseau. Located on the waterfront and only minutes from the Saint George Angelican Church and Old Market. This hotel is within close proximity of Dominica Museum and Catholic Cathedral. With 73 air-conditioned rooms with private patios, wireless internet access and an outdoor pool, a spa tub, and sauna, your vacation will be a relaxing experience in a gorgeous location. 


The Diving is as amazing as the island. Underwater volcanic vents and plunging sea walls are home to colorful reefs, soft corals, an array of sea turtles and even sperm whales! The underwater volcanos create chasms and sheer walls that plunge thousands of feet. The bubbling waters that are created by geothermal vents even make the sea floor warm to the touch! 

Included in your vacation; 

  • Double Occupancy room at Fort Young for 7 nights
  • Full daily breakfast
  • Welcome rum punch 
  • 5 days of 2 tank boat dives
  • Transfers in Dominica
  • Free wifi 
  • Room upgrade available for an additional $185.00 p.p 
  • Single room available for an additional $520.00 p.p. 

Diver: $1295.00 p.p.
Non-Diver: $1005.00 p.p



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to Sep 10

LaPaz/Sea of Cortez

Join Mike as he returns to the Sea of Cortez to dive with the sea lions and their pups.  For a very short time each year, the Sea lion Mothers allow their pups to "play" with Scuba divers.  This Sea Lion dive will be one of the 10 best dives you will ever do.  You are diving the Pacific, so what you will see underwater will be very different than the Caribbean.  Not only will you encounter the Sea Lions, but Manta Rays and Sperm Whales are a usual sight as well.  

In 1983, the Aguilar family moved to LaPaz with the sole purpose of starting a service oriented business.  Being a scuba diver since 1965, it was just the natural move for Fernando to start a dive operation.  The corner stone of Club Cantamar, Baja Diving & Service started in 1983 with a small 22' panga and a used 40 hp outboard engine.  Based on good, affordable, friendly service, the fleet grew gradually to 24' skipjacks with outboards, then to a 31 ft twin diesels inboard, and so on.  Nowadays, their fleet, based on their own premises at Cantamar, is the largest, fastest, and most comfortable on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, and continue pleasing divers from all over the world.  Additionally, they use a spotter plane during whale shark season to make it easier to find those gentle giants and to direct the dive boats to them. 

A standard room at Club Cantamar, boasts unparalleled ocean views, quiet air conditioning, and comfortable rustic style furniture.  All rooms have satellite TV and a balcony or patio.  The resort has a private beach and a fresh water pool.  The swim-up bar is a favorite for the afternoon recounts of the day's adventures and has a large screen TV with DVD and stereo sound.  The new sea-side restaurant prepares the most delicious meals while you enjoy a cold drink watching the unspoiled bay view.

Your trip includes:

 ** Round trip Air from Newark to Cabo San Lucas
 ** 7 nights at Club Cantamar w/2 per Standard room
 ** Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Daily
 ** 5 days of 2 or 3 boat dives daily - weather dependent
 ** Transfers to/from Cabo San Lucas airport to Club Cantamar
 ** Air and Hotel taxes

Price for diver $1999
Price for non-diver $1500
add $300 for single rate

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to Jun 4

Little Cayman

Where is the best diving in the Caribbean? Little Cayman! Don't take our word for it, SCUBA Diving Magazine published an article called "Top 100 Reader's Choice Awards" Jan/Feb '15.

The Cayman Islands have been rated; 
• #1 Best Overall Diving
• #1 Best Marine Environment
• #1 Best Wall Diving
• #1 Best Underwater Photography

It was also awarded; 
• #2 Best Overal Destination
• #2 Best Visibility
• #2 Best Macro

Little Cayman's 57 dive sites are mostly within the protected Marine Park, including the most famous dive site, Bloody Bay Wall. Diving in a Marine Park ensures that you experience pristine and abundant coral reefs that are loaded with fish and other marine animals. Are you a turtle person? You are most definitely going to see turtles here! The reef comes alive with turtles, eagle rays, reef sharks, massive groupers, and over 500 other species of marine life! 

During your vacation, you will stay at the Little Cayman Beach Resort. Underwater World has reserved 11 of the 40 gorgeous, tropical inspired rooms. That means, that over 25% of the resort will be made up with Underwater World Divers! The Little Cayman Beach Resort has won the Trip Advisors Certificate of Excellence for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015! 

This Vacation is about total relaxation and diving! Included is; 

  • Pool View Room (double occupancy) 
  • 17 Boat Dives
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner 
  • 2 Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic Drinks per Night
  • Welcome Drink 
  • Manager's Cocktail Party 
  • Transfers to/from the Airport on the Island

Cost: $1995.00*

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