Don't let the name fool you, this is not a course for advanced divers. The Advanced SCUBA Certification is a course designed to advance and enhance your diving knowledge and experience. This course is tailored for certified divers and will sharpen the skills that you developed in Basic SCUBA.

The Advanced SCUBA Course is a two-day course, usually located at Dutch Springs. Together with an Underwater World Instructor, you will work on advanced buoyancy control, underwater navigation, and dive planning. Your 6 dives will also include a night dive and deep dive! The best part is there are no required books and no written test! What better way to spend a weekend than SCUBA Diving. 

Cost: $250, includes a safety sausage and the NAUI Deluxe LogPages! 

We believe that the Advanced SCUBA Certification is the most important certification a SCUBA diver can obtain. It will make you a more skilled, more confident, and most importantly, a safer diver. Don't wait until you have developed bad habits! 



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