ScubaPro Everflex 3mm


ScubaPro Everflex 3mm


The new Everflex 3mm is a great glove for temperate to warm water diving. Made of 100% Everflex neoprene, it offers excellent warmth, comfort and protection while its contoured shape provides maximum finger flexibility. The inside plush lining is warm and dries fast.

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  • Textured fingers and palm provide a good gripping surface.

  • Ultra-smooth inside plush lining is warm and dries fast.

  • Everflex neoprene, an X-Foam formulation, offers lots of stretch to maximize comfort and finger dexterity.

  • X-Foam: Made from limestone neoprene, petroleum-free, and compliant with strict PAH requirements. SCUBAPRO was the first to offer this, better protecting divers and our oceans.

  • Assembled using a solvent-free Aqua glue, a 100% green process.