Bronze Divers Save $195!

Looking for a package with great training but without all of the equipment? Look no further than the Bronze Diver Package (O.K. still look at the other ones, but you get the point). The Bronze Diver Package offers all of the courses in the other packages; Basic Certification, Advanced Certification, and Nitrox Certification, as well as your mask, fins, boots, and snorkel package, and Advanced Diver Equipment Package. With the $195 savings in the Bronze Diver Package, it is like receiving the Nitrox Course for FREE

Included in the Bronze Diver Package

  • Basic SCUBA Course
  • Basic SCUBA Books, DVDs, e-Learning Login, Dive Tables, and NAUI Deluxe Log Pages
  • Basic SCUBA Certification Dives (Locally or Receive a FREE Refresher Packet)
  • MaskSnorkelBoots, and Fins Package
    • You may select ANY regularly stocked items to build you package! At Underwater World we know fit is the most important feature and therefore we won't lock you into low-cost mask or fins just to fit the package.
    • To reiterate; you may select ANY item you find comfortable!
    • FREE Defog and SeaBuff Included 
    • FREE Mesh Carrying Bag Included
  • Advanced Diver Course
    • Includes Trident Safety Sausage 
    • Includes NAUI Deluxe Advanced Diver Log Pages 
  • Advanced Diver Course Equipment 
    • Princeton Tec League Light (210 Lumen L.E.D.)
    • Tank Light 
    • Dive Slate (for writing underwater) 
  • Nitrox Diver Course
  • Nitrox Diver Books, Tables, and NAUI Deluxe Nitrox Diver Log Pages
  • Additional Benefits 
    • All Taxes INCLUDED!
    • 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee on all Equipment
    • Easy Payment Plan 
      • $800 Down 
      • $595, 6 Months Same as Cash!

Regular Price: $1590
Bronze Diver Price: $1395