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Step 1: Download the Student Waiver Pack

Included in the Student Waiver Pack; 
1. NAUI Release
2. Underwater World Statement of Understanding
3. Medical Waiver (Included is the "Diving Medical Guidance" document that should be given to your physician if a physicians signature is required)

Step 2: Complete and Sign 

Divers may complete the waivers in the following ways; 
1. Digitally fill out and sign
2. Print, sign and scan or drop off the completed paperwork at Underwater World


Step 3: COVID-19 Vaccination Card

Due to the nature of SCUBA Training, all students will be required to provide a completed COVID-19 vaccination card. You may elect to upload a picture or pdf of your card or bring it by for in-person verification. This card is not kept on file. 

Step 4: Upload or Email Your Documents

Your completed Student Waiver Pack and COVID Vaccination Card must be on file or verified prior to beginning your SCUBA training. You may upload your documents here, email them to, or bring them into Underwater World and we will upload them for you.

Please Upload Your Files Here

Step 5: Diver Registration

Please complete Steps 1 through 4 before proceeding to this step. 

SCUBA Diver Registration