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Step 1: Medical Waiver Information

Before beginning any in-water training, students must complete a Basic Medical Waiver. No student will be permitted to enter the water for training without having a completed medical waiver on file. It is recommended that students, immediately download and complete the Basic Medical Waiver. Upon completion of the medical waiver, please follow the steps below;

Step 2: Medical Waiver Upload


Step 3: Statement of Understanding

Prior to starting any SCUBA Diver course, each student must complete a Statement of Understanding. Please download the file, read, sign, and upload it using the file uploader. If you have any questions about the Statement of Understanding please don't hesitate to contact us. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to digitally sign or print and sign, please do not sign. You may submit it unsigned to be signed the first night of the course. 

Upload Your Statement of Understanding Here

Step 4: Diver Registration

Please complete Steps 1 through 3 before proceeding to this step. 

SCUBA Diver Registration