Underwater World offers a huge variety of Continuing Education courses including Advanced Diver, Nitrox Diver, Leadership Courses, and several other Speciality Courses! 


We know what you are thinking; "I am not even a Certified SCUBA Diver, how can I possibly be ready to be an Advanced Diver?" We have often heard this question! 

Admittedly, the name of the certification is very misleading (we didn't come up with the name). It is a HUGE misconception that the Advanced Diver Course is for experienced divers who ready for advanced training. 


The Advanced SCUBA Diver Course offers you, the newly certified diver, additional opportunities that will naturally increase your confidence, igniting your passion, and confirming why you wanted to be a SCUBA diver to begin with! Although, it does not require more skill, it does offer you 6 additional dives with an Underwater World Instructor. During those dives, you and your instructor will focus on buoyancy control, underwater navigation, night diving, deep diving, and dive planning techniques. It is a FACT that our divers who complete an Advanced Course soon after their initial SCUBA Certification, are more confident in the water, dive more often, enjoy traveling to a variety of locations with Underwater World divers, and stay connected to our Community of Divers longer! 

Would you like to know how to save 10% on all Continuing Education Courses?

It's easy! As a student in the Basic SCUBA Diver course you will automatically save 10%  on any Continuing Education Course you choose if you register before the completion of your Basic Course. 

How much is a 10% savings? When you continue your dive education all the way to Instructor, the savings to you is over $400!!! This would be like receiving 3 of our most popular courses, the Advanced, Nitrox, and Equipment Specialist Course, for FREE!


So, register for a Continuing Education Course and start saving today!