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Refresher Training

There are a lot of reasons that divers take a break from diving but usually the call of the open ocean brings us all back. If it has been a few years since the last time you put a B.C.D on, practiced your skills like mask clearing, or you just want to get back in the water under the supervision of one of our qualified assistants or Instructors, maybe it's time for a refresher course. Some dive resorts even require you to show recent diving experience. 

Underwater World offers Refresher Training for all Certified Divers, regardless of if you were Certified PADI, NAUI, SSI or any other ISO agency. With a short dive briefing and approx. 2 hours in the pool practicing skills that keep you safe, you will be ready for your next dive adventure. Need more? No problem, you can sign up for as many refresher nights as you feel you need. 

Ready to get back in the water?
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Continuing Education

Ready to do more and go further with your SCUBA education? Underwater World has multiple continuing education courses for every level of SCUBA diver. Whether you want longer bottom times and safer repetitive dives with Nitrox or to explore night diving and navigation with the Advanced Diver course, there is something for everyone. Continuing Education courses are a great way to increase your diving knowledge, hone your skills, and become a safer diver and dive buddy. Stop just checking the "Open Water SCUBA Diver" box on the trip waivers and start getting recognized for being one of the more experienced divers on the boat!

Check out any of our Continuing Education Courses by clicking on the course below!

Nitrox SCUBA Diver

Advanced SCUBA Diver

Rescue SCUBA Diver

Master SCUBA Diver