NAUI Nitrox Diver: Digital Plus


NAUI Nitrox Diver: Digital Plus


This NAUI Education System (NES) supports certification as a NAUI Nitrox diver. Divers will need to complete practicals with Underwater World to finish Certification. Upon purchasing this product, a registration code will be emailed to you within 1 business day.

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Prerequisites and Other Important Course Information

What's Included; 
• NAUI eLearning
• Digital Certification Card
• Plastic Certification Card

Recommended Additional Training Aids; 
NAUI OceanX Calculator
NAUI Nitrox/SCUBA Diver Logbook
NAUI Nitrox Textbook (for divers that like to reference hardcopy material)

All Digital Plus NES editions include an eLearning activation code for access to academic course material using NAUI’s award-winning eLearning system and both digital and plastic certification cards. Please note, certification is not guaranteed by purchase. Digital certification will be emailed directly to the student upon successful completion of all course requirements.

NAUI Education Systems (NES) are available in Digital, Digital Plus and Premier editions. Enhance your NAUI training with the purchase of a Digital Plus or Premier NES! Digital Plus editions include a plastic NAUI certification card to carry with you. NAUI divers are recognized worldwide for their exceptional training! You can show your NAUI certification card with pride, wherever you explore! 

For the best value and training experience, upgrade your training with the purchase of a Premier NES! In addition to all the benefits and products included in Digital and Digital Plus editions, Premier editions provide everything you need to increase your learning, including student record folder, NAUI textbook, diver logs, and specialized training aids depending on the course topic.