Oceanic Pro X

                              Oceanic Pro X

One of the greatest technological advances in SCUBA equipment is the wide use of dive computers. Yes, you are going to learn dive tables, but unless you plan to use them all of the time, a dive computer is a must for you! 

Not only do dive computers make dive tables almost obsolete, they astronomically increase the level of safety in diving! With advanced and accurate data, the likely hood of decompression sickness drops dramatically and suddenly diving becomes what it was always meant to be, relaxing and enjoyable. 


Why should I purchase a dive computer before any of my other life-support equipment?

Dive computers, without a doubt, increase the level of safety among divers. Ask any of our Instructors, Assistant Instructors, or Sales Team Members, if they use dive computers. 100% of the time, the answer will be, yes!

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The real question is, why would you buy a dive computer and not rent one. The answer is simple; learning curve. All dive computers, like all computers, have a learning curve associated with them. Different buttons accomplish different tasks and knowing the sequence in pressing these buttons makes using a computer incredibly easy. Currently, we have about 5 different types of computers in our rental, and there are about 250 different types of computer worldwide. Trying to figure out how each computer works is not only complicated, it's time consuming and stressful. The worst part is, failure to understand how your dive computer works suddenly has the reverse effect on safety of diving. You trust that computer to give you accurate information, but if you failed to correctly input information, that information is not longer accurate, and now it is dangerous. 

So, from a safety aspect, if you are going to purchase one piece of equipment first, it would have to be the dive computer. 

Underwater World has a very large variety of dive computers with a large range of prices. Some are air-integrated (giving you digital air pressure), some are even wireless air-integrated (giving you air pressure without the use of a hose attached). We also have non-air-integrated wrist mount computers that are perfect for the diver that doesn't own their own regulator yet! These wrist mount computers are smaller than a hockey puck and are very easy to travel with. You simply attach them to your wrist or your B.C. when you go diving, and suddenly, you have a computer that is providing you accurate data that you know how to interpret. 

Aren't dive computers expensive?

                          Oceanic Veo 2.0 Wrist

They can be but they don't have to be. Our Oceanic Veo 2.0 wrist computer starts at $299.99 and is a fantastic entry level computer! You may have even used the Veo series (in a console) as your equipment during your course. They are very popular among Dive Centers as rental computers because of their ease of use and low price. However, many places around the world rent these computers for as much as $25 a day! That means, if you are on a 1 week dive trip, you almost could have purchased your dive computer! 

The moral of the story, don't fall into a trap believing that dive computers are expensive. They are more expensive to rent for an extended period of time! 

Stop in and speak with a Sales Team Member about the right computer for you. We would be happy to answer your questions and even take you step-by-step so that you have a full understanding of what your computer does for you. You will find that not having to learn a new computer every dive greatly increases your comfort and safety!