e-Learning Flex
Basic SCUBA Course

New for 2017, the eLearning Flex SCUBA Course allows students to complete the eLearning at their pace. Once the eLearning is completed, students may pick from one of the many available Flex Pool Sessions to complete their pool skills. Once the pools skills are completed, the student may then pick a Flex Certification Weekend to complete their Certification Dives. 

This flexibility allows Underwater World students to complete the course at a potentially more convenient pace than the traditionally structured courses, without sacrificing training. Flex Courses are intended for students that already have good water and swimming skills and are able to learn well through eLearning. If this isn't you, take a look at our more traditional classroom courses. 

How Does it Work?

  1. Register with Underwater World for a Flex Course by calling, stopping in, or online here
  2. Receive your eLearning books either by mail or by picking them up at Underwater World. 
  3. Register for eLearning using the eLearning Code, Store Code, and Instructor Code listed on the inside front cover. 
  4. Complete the eLearning. 
  5. Bring your eLearning Certificate to Underwater World to Register for Flex Pool Sessions
    1. These sessions begin approximately every 2 weeks. 
    2. There is a REQUIRED Friday night briefing, the Friday prior to the Flex Pool Sessions beginning
    3. Flex Pool Sessions run approximately 2 times a week; i.e. Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday, Saturday/Sunday
  6. Complete the Friday night briefing and the 6 mandatory Flex Pool Sessions 
  7. Register for a Flex Certification Weekend (approximately every other weekend*). Certification Weekends are not included in the price of the course and cost $275 for the Certification Dives, Rental Equipment, and Certification Card Fee. 
  8. Complete the Flex Certification Dive Weekend. 
  9. Go Dive all over the world! 

* Certification Dive Weekends are available April - November. Divers who are not completing the course within those months may wait up to 6 months to do Certification Dives with Underwater World, or may elect to purchase a Universal Referral Packet and complete their Certification Dives in the islands.