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Enriched Air Nitrox: E-Learning

Tuesday, January 1, 201912:00 AM
Tuesday, December 31, 201911:59 PM

Underwater World Inc.

495 Easton Road-Horsham, PA, 19044 United States

Want to extend your bottom time, lessen your surface interval, and maximize every dive? Become an Enriched Air Nitrox Diver!

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to choose the proper blend of Nitrox for your dive profile, determine maximum depth limits for your Nitrox mixture, analyze your breathing mixture, and plan and safely execute each dive. Your Instructor will teach you about the physiology of oxygen and nitrogen; advantages, disadvantages, and risks of nitrox; oxygen toxicity; hazards and precautions of handling oxygen; the concept of Equivalent Air Depth; use of EANx with standard Air Dive Tables; common gas mixing procedures and more.
We can also integrate your Nitrox training into your Basic SCUBA Diver Course!

• Age: Minimum of 12 years old
• Certification/Experience/Knowledge: Current enrollment in an Underwater World Basic SCUBA Course or Certification as a NAUI Scuba Diver or the equivalent is required.

Important Note: The NAUI Nitrox Course is a 2 part course that requires about 30 minutes of practicals at Underwater World. Once divers complete the eLearning, they should contact Underwater World to arrange a time to come in and analyze a tank.

Cost: $129.00, including NAUI Nitrox Digital Plus Education System or $189.00 including NAUI Nitrox Premier Education System

Instructor: E-Learning

Want to Learn in the Classroom?
You can still do that! Underwater World understands that not all divers want to learn with just E-Learning. We offer one Nitrox Course a month, in the classroom, for only an additional $71. Just click on the Nitrox Diver: Classroom below to complete registration!

Nitrox Diver: Classroom Add-On