eLearning Flex SCUBA Course


eLearning Flex SCUBA Course

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Please ensure that before registering & purchasing this course you have read the Terms and Conditions listed below!
This registrations is ONLY for students registering for the eLEARNING FLEX COURSE!
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Included in the purchase of the eLearning Flex SCUBA Course; 
• eLearning and NAUI SCUBA Diver Education System
• Flex Pool Course and required equipment to complete the course

  • Student's who register for this course will be given the option to have the eLearning books shipped directly to them or they may select to pick the books up at Underwater World. 
  • The books will be shipped with the required eLearning, store, and Instructor codes that will be needed to complete the eLearning.
  • Once the eLearning is complete, the Student must bring a copy of their Certificate into Underwater World to register for the Flex Pool Sessions. Pool sessions are included in the cost of the course. 
  • Following the completion of the pool sessions, students will be able to register for a Flex Certification Dive Weekend. This is 2 days of diving at Dutch Springs and is NOT included in the price of the course. Certification Dives, including rental equipment, is an additional $275. 

Terms & Conditions

  1. Student must be at least 15 years old to complete the course. 
  2. Student must fully complete and pass the eLearning Course before registering for a Flex Pool Course. 
  3. Registration for a Flex Pool Course must be completed within 6 months of completing the eLearning. 
  4. Flex Pool Courses consist of (1) Friday Night Dive Briefing and either (6) 2.5 hour Pool Sessions, scheduled 2 times a week OR (2) 8 hour Pool sessions scheduled for a weekend. 
  5. Once a Flex Pool Course is selected the student is required to attend all of the pool sessions associated with that course. Missing any pool session will require an additional makeup session at the cost of $50/session. 
  6. Upon completion of the Flex Pool Session, the student may register for a Flex Certification Dive Weekend. Flex Certification Dive Weekends are not included in this purchase. The cost of the Flex Certification Dive weekend in 2017 is $275 and includes equipment rental and certification card fee. 
  7. Students will have up to 6 months following the Flex Pool Sessions to complete the Flex Certification Dive weekend. If a student is unable to complete the Flex Certification Dive weekend within 6 months, they will be required to complete 2 refresher pool sessions at a cost of $50/session. If the student is unable to complete the Flex Certification Dive weekend within 1 year of the Flex Pool sessions, the student will have to complete the full course again.  

Refund Policy; 

  1. Students have up to 30 days to return the eLearning books for a full refund, PROVIDED the eLearning codes have not been activated. 
  2. Once the eLearning codes are activated, no refunds for the books will be provided. 
  3. If a student chooses to withdraw from the course they may elect for a refund in the amount of $45 per pool session not completed, provided the student informs Underwater World PRIOR to the date of the pool sessions. If the student is a simply a no show without prior notification, the student will not be refunded for that session. 
  4. No refunds are issued following 6 months following the date of the purchase of the eLearning books.