Green Dive Team Rewards
We know that you don't need rewards to be convinced to make a difference, but rewards always add some more fun! The Green Dive Team Rewards are easy to earn and easy to redeem. The more events you attend and the more active you are as a Green Diver, the faster you earn rewards! So get out there and compete against your buddy! Who will earn the most rewards this year?


  • Step 1; Register as a Green Dive Team Member
  • Step 2; Attend your first Green Diver Event. For attending your first event, you will receive a free t-shirt and 1,000 Rewards Points! 

Now that you are well underway with earning points, you want to keep that trend going. Green Dive Team Members can earn points by attending Green Diver Events, certain Underwater World Events, and by doing individual clean-up activities.

Underwater World Event's that are promoted by the Green Divers: the event description will tell you how many points you will earn for attending that event.

Green Diver Event: unless otherwise noted, you will earn 500 Rewards Points for attending each event!

Individual Clean-Up Activities: Want to earn points on your own time? It's easy! Simply go out and clean up an area, bag your trash and recyclables separately, and take a picture with you and your bags! Send that picture with a description of where you cleaned up and what you did to We want to share the great work our Green Divers are doing, so make sure it is a picture you wouldn't mind us putting on our website! 

*some events have different point values. You can see these values in the description. 

*some events have different point values. You can see these values in the description. 

what can you redeem your rewards points on?

Officially the Green Diver Program will begin on April 9th and over the course of the next few month leading up to that, Underwater World will be getting products custom made supporting the program! These products will be available for sale with all proceeds going towards Green Diver, but you can also use your rewards points for these products! There will also be gift cards available and other special products at Underwater World that they rewards points may be used towards. 

This program is being designed with feedback from our divers and others interested in being part of the Green Dive Team. So, if there are specific items or ideas you have for rewards, please let us know and we can work towards that! 

With your help and support, we look forward to enhancing this program throughout the 2016 Dive year!