Underwater World is proud to introduce a Green Diver Program that will act in conjunction with the NAUI's Green Diver Initiative: Practicing Aquatic Conservation Together (P.A.C.T.). 

The Underwater World Green Diver program is made up of a community of individuals doing little things to make a significant difference by combining our efforts and sharing our progress. Green Divers believe that we can make a difference in our communities to actively preserve, protect and conserve our underwater world and encourage others to join us in this quest.

Mission Statement: To promote and encourage the preservation and conservation of our underwater environment through education, awareness and thoughtful and purposeful activity.

What is Pollution?
Pollution is the process of making land, water, air or other parts of the environment dirty, unsafe, or unsuitable for use. 

Where does Pollution Come From?
Environments may become polluted through the introduction of a contaminant into that natural environment.  The most serious threats to our natural environment today are; oil spills, radioactive waste, urban air pollution, mercury poisoning, greenhouse gasses, pharmaceutical pollution, plastics, untreated sewage, lead poisoning and agricultural runoff.

What is at Risk?
An unprecedented number of marine species are at risk of extinction from loss of habitat, pollution, disease, illegal trade and unsustainable fishing practices.  These species include marine mammals, fish, reptiles, mollusks, plants and corals.

What Can You Do to Combat Pollution?
- Reduce: the amount of waste you contribute personally by making a personal assessment of how much waste you are generating and finding alternatives such as using a water filter instead of bottled water. 
- Reuse: find alternate uses for disposable containers such as office supplies or craft projects before purchasing additional synthetic products. 
Recycle: utilize established recycling programs such as public recycling containers as well as finding a recycling collection location if your municipality does not have a recycling program. 
Remove: trash from environments where and when you can safely do so and have a means of disposing of the items responsibly. 

Did You Know? 
5,800,000 plastic bottles are used every HOUR in the United States
Only 23% are recycled, leaving 38.5 Billion a year to fill our landfills and oceans!

Lawson Island, Hawaii. Photo Credit: NOAA

Lawson Island, Hawaii. Photo Credit: NOAA