What Items are Harmful to the Environment that Surprised You?

Do some research and find how things are affecting the environment around us. What is the most surprising, common item, you found that is harmful to the environment? 

REWARDS: Post your surprising item and the best alternative to that item before May 1, 2016 and you can win 250 Rewards Points!* 

* Must be registered as a Green Diver and have attended an event to be entered to win. 
** On May 1st, the person that found the most surprising item with a good alternative with be awarded 250 Rewards Points.

Paper or Plastic?

20 years ago the idea was to switch to plastic, in fact, many places made paper bags in grocery stores illegal. However, today we know how detrimental plastic can be and how much better paper is for us to use.... or is it? Do your own research and share your findings. Should people use paper or plastic?