Current Assistant Contact List

This list will be updated annually and will serve as the primary means of applying Assistant Instructor,  Divemaster and Training Assistant discounts. A.I., D.M., and T.A. on this list may be contacted by other Instructors or Underwater World when additional help is needed. Instructors should register all of their active help via this form with the exception of Active Instructors. Instructors and Underwater World Staff are the only ones authorized to fill out this form. 

Though any Certified Diver is authorized to assist an Instructor in a course, those helping should be informed that they must progress their training annually to reach the level of at-least Training Assistant. 

  • Assistant Instructors; Cost +25% 
  • Divemaster; Cost +25%*; must be NAUI active and Insured 
  • Training Assistant; 10% off MSRP on all products and courses
Name *
Phone *
Divemaster Insurance Current?
Required ONLY if you selected Divemaster.
Divemaster NAUI Active?
Required ONLY if you selected Divemaster
Verification *
The registering Instructor verifies that their assistants have been properly registered, have been informed of the discount policy and the requirement to reach Training Assistant. The registering Instructor verifies that the assistant has helped with course to a degree the Instructor feels that a discount should be awarded for the current fiscal year.