Instructor Tier Level Pricing Guidelines
Revision 1; updated 1January2016

Underwater Instructors receive special Tier Level Pricing (I) for nearly all equipment that is either stocked or may be obtained by Underwater World. This pricing tier is a privilege and violations of the Instructor Purchase Policy may result in the suspension of the special Tier Pricing. 

Underwater World has determined that Instructors are able to purchase nearly all retail products at a rate of; dealer cost +10%. In most cases this 10% will be used to cover the normal shipping and handling charges that are incurred. However, rush shipping, additional shipping, or minimum order requirements, may result in an additional charge. 

There are certain occasions where Underwater World may limit Instructors from purchasing in-stock inventory. These occasions include but are not limited to, Limited Edition products,  low-stock inventory, and long backordered products. If an Instructor wishes to purchase a product that is “limited”, they may request a special order of that product. If in the event that the limited product is no longer available from the manufacturer, it will be the sole discretion of Underwater World whether to sell that product to the Instructor at their Tier Level Pricing (I). Instructors may elect to purchase any “limited” product at actual retail cost. 

Instructors may also participate in “Key Man Pricing”. “Key Man Pricing” is a privilege that comes from a manufacturer to promote their equipment to Instructors. “Key Man Pricing” promotion events through Underwater World, will be at the sole discretion of Underwater World Management.

Though covered in the Instructor Purchase Policy, it is important to reiterate that Tier Level Pricing (I) is only valid for Active Underwater World Instructors and their immediate family members. Violations of this section of the Purchase Policy will result in immediate Tier Level Pricing (I) suspension. 

Underwater World encourages Instructors to take full advantage of all pricing and promotions that are offered to them. Not only is this good for the Instructor, it also assists in promoting new equipment to students during their training.