Report any accident or incident involving people you are training, supervising, or diving with for pleasure (including vacations). All NAUI members and Underwater World Instructors and Divemasters, regardless of insurance status, are required to immediately report an accident or incident by using the NAUI Accident Report Form below. Detailed instructions for completing and submitting the form are provided. 

All accident or incident reports submitted through this form, will be submitted, as required by NAUI, to NAUI Legal Services, via email, by Underwater World management. If you any questions regarding NAUI accident or incident reporting you may contact Underwater World management or call NAUI at 1-800-553-6284. 

All Instructors and Divemasters present are required to complete accident/incident reports for all injuries, regardless of hospitalization status, or death. If the event happens on a trip, or another event that is lead by a specific Instructor or Divemaster, that specific Instructor or Divemaster must also submit an accident/incident report regardless of if they were present at the time. 



This accident report, and the information which is enclosed in this report, is considered to be privileged and specifically for the use of legal counsel. 

While it does not necessarily follow that each accident or incident involving a NAUI member will result in some form of legal action, the possibility does exist that a legal claim could occur. By submitting this report immediately you will help us and NAUI prepare to defend you and us against loss. 

If an accident does occur during the time that you have responsibility for students and/or divers, there are several steps you should follow in addition to completing this accident report. 

  • SAVE the accident report as a file BEFORE filling it out. 
  • Contact Mike (215) 353-0375 and Jeff (215) 262-7205 as soon as possible following medical attention. 
  • Rend aid to the best of your ability, but do not attempt to perform medical procedures which exceed your skill and training. 
  • Do not volunteer to anyone an opinion as to why the accident occurred. Limit your discussion to the facts as you know them. Do not make conjectures and do not attempt to assess "blame" on anyone. Do not tell people that "it is all my fault," or words to that effect. Even if you have a feeling of guilt, do not discuss it with others. 
  • Cooperate with all law enforcement personnel who may be called to assist. While answering their questions, follow the instructions outlined above (bullet 2). Limit your answers to the facts as you know them. 
  • Be certain to obtain the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all witnesses. This includes even those who you may consider "hostile" ones. For your protection, we need to know all those who are in any way, connected to the accident. 
  • It is essential that you keep track of any equipment while may have been involved in the accident. This does not mean you need to keep the equipment, but rather, know and report to us where it went and who had control of it when you had it last. 
  • Be certain that you include a photocopy or original of all waiver and release forms that you had the victim complete if the victim was under your supervision. 
  • Please ensure that you are detailed and exact in your report 
  • After you have prepared this report to the best of your ability, it should be submitted as soon as possible. This form will be sent directly to Nancy, Jeff, and Mike and then will be transferred to NAUI.