Instructor Teaching Guidelines
Revision 1; updated 1January2016

Instructors are given a very wide berth when it comes to how they teach and what they teach. This has been a policy of Underwater World for decades and will remain the policy. As long as you are teaching within the NAUI Standards and Procedures, in most cases you are following the guidelines set-forth by Underwater World. However, there are a few additional guidelines that Underwater World Instructors are required to address. 

This section offers clarification to the Instructor Teaching Policy. The Instructor Teaching Policy may be views as the overall standards for teaching through Underwater World. Violations of this policy have been and will continue to be taken very serious. Updates to this policy will be made available to all the Instructors and should be kept with this handbook for reference. 

Instructors are reminded that they are windows into the Dive Industry. The Fundamentals of Instruction teach us about the Law of Primacy. The Law of Primacy states that the first impression will be the strongest. Therefore, it is very important that Instructors go into a course with the correct information and a positive attitude towards the Dive Industry and Underwater World. 

If a student is led to believe that they should wait a little while before signing up for Continuing Education or purchasing their own equipment, they will wait. Industry studies have proven students who do not purchase their own life-support equipment within the first 6 months of their diving, are probably never going to purchase it. With this in mind, it is very important to address Continuing Education and Equipment Purchases with your students. 

  1. How to Teach an Underwater World Sponsored Basic Course
    1. Current Courses and Instructors
      1. Instructors who have been teaching at specific locations in the past, will be given priority to teach those locations in the future. 
      2. These Instructors may defer a course to another Instructor at the location, but that would be the decision of the Instructor.
      3. If the Instructor is unable to teach a course at the location, an email will go out to all the Instructors who are not currently teaching. This email will notify them of the dates and times of the course. If they wish to teach the course, it will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
      4. After that course is completed, the original Instructor will be offered the next course at that location, unless that Instructor wishes to give up that location. 
    2. Future Courses and Instructor Assignments 
      1. Instructors who wish to teach an Underwater World Course are highly encouraged to assist in finding locations to teach. 
        1. Instructors who are able to secure a new location, will be granted that location to teach an Underwater World course. 
        2. After a successful course is run at that location, it will fall under the Current Courses and Instructor Guidelines listed above. 
      2. If Underwater World secures a new location without the assistance of an Instructor, that course may be offered to an Instructor that Underwater World has chosen
  2. How to Teach an Underwater World Sponsored Continuing Education Course
    1. Advanced Courses
      1. Advanced Courses are available to any Instructor that wishes to teach them, schedule permitting.
      2. Tentative dates are placed on the website by January 1st and all courses that are listed with the Instructor as TBA, may be picked up by an Instructor. 
        1. To request to teach a scheduled course, email with the course dates. 
        2. Requests will be filled first come first serve. 
      3. If you wish to teach a course on a date already listed, you may be able to do that as well. 
        1. Email your request to with the dates you wish to teach the course. 
        2. If the schedule is approved, you will be able to teach on those dates. 
    2. Nitrox Courses (Pre-Assigned)
      1. All pre-scheduled and e-learning Nitrox Courses are pre-assigned to George Schulle. 
      2. If you wish to teach a Nitrox Course you may be able to do that. 
        1. You should have the names (no minimum) of the people you wish to teach. Prior to requesting the course. 
        2. Since there is a pre-assigned Instructor for these courses, Underwater World will not approve an Instructor to teach a Nitrox course, unless they have students already lined up. 
          1. i.e. During you Basic Course, 3 students wish to take the Nitrox Course. If you would rather teach them instead of putting them into the prescheduled courses, you may do this. This also applies to e-learning Nitrox. 
          2. However, it is a violation of the Instructor Teaching Policy to not inform the students of the pre-scheduled course dates. You may not tell your students that the only way to do Nitrox is to do it through you. 
    3. Equipment Specialist Courses (Pre-Assigned)
      1. All Equipment Specialist Courses are assigned to Tim Macrone. 
      2. Since Tim is the only current, multiple manufacturer, Master Technician, Underwater World will not assign these courses to other Instructors. 
      3. This Policy maybe reviewed under certain circumstances. If you would like to discuss the possibility of teaching one of these courses, you may contact
    4. NAUI Medic (Pre-Assigned)
      1. All NAUI Medic Courses are assigned to Diane Muntzer. 
      2. Since Diane is highly trained in this field, Underwater World will not assigned these courses to other Instructors. 
      3. This Policy maybe reviewed under certain circumstance. If you would like to discuss the possibility of teaching one of these courses, you may contact 
    5. Other Speciality Courses 
      1. At this time, there are no other Speciality Courses that are pre-assigned. However, there are certain Instructors that have taught certain Courses in the past, (i.e. Rescue Diver, Denny Willis) who, because of their long standing relationship with Underwater World and these courses, will be afforded the opportunity to teach the course prior to a notification being sent to the rest of the Underwater World Instructors. 
        1. If you would like to teach a Speciality Course that isn’t already scheduled, you may do that, as long as it does not conflict with a pre-scheduled course. 
        2. i.e. If we assume Rescue Diver is pre-scheduled for June and Aug, but you would like to teach a July course, that would approved. 
        3. Contact to schedule your Speciality Course. 
      2. Any Speciality Courses that is listed on the website as Instructor TBA, that is not considered pre-assigned, maybe picked up by any Underwater World Instructor
      3. To requests to teach a course already listed on the website, that does not currently have an Instructor listed, contact 
      4. To requests to teach a course that is not listed on the website, please contact with the dates and course you would like to teach. 
      5. Speciality Courses Not Pre-Assigned. Examples, but there are many more. 
        1. Deep Diver
        2. Drysuit Diver 
        3. SCUBA Rescue Diver 
        4. Search and Recovery Diver
        5. Training Assistant 
        6. Underwater Archaeologist 
        7. Underwater Ecologist 
        8. Underwater Ecologist: Kelp Forest
        9. Underwater Ecologist: Coral Reef
        10. Underwater Environment 
        11. Underwater Photography 
        12. Underwater Hunter and Collector 
        13. Wreck Diver (External Survey) 
        14. Introduction to Jersey Diving 
  3. Teaching a SCUBA Course not Sponsored by Underwater World
    1. Teaching any SCUBA course, without prior coordination with Underwater World, is prohibited by the Instructor Teaching Policy. 
    2. There are times that a course may not be Sponsored by Underwater World, but prior coordination is required to ensure this complies with the Instructor Teaching Policy. 
    3. Teaching Family Members at a Private Location 
      1. Teaching Family Members is an exception to the Instructor Teaching Policy. 
      2. Equipment; Prior Coordination Required
        1. Underwater World will provide an Instructor with all of the necessary equipment to teach Family Members FREE of charge. 
        2. Blood or Legal Family Members receive the Instructor Tier Level pricing on all equipment purchased including the NAUI Education System. 
        3. Certification Rental Equipment will be given to the family member at 50% OFF regular rental rate. 
      3. Cost of the Course for Family Members 
        1. Basic Diver Course: Free, including equipment needed
        2. Certification Dives: 50% off Rental + $30 Certification Card Fee. Underwater World Fees are waived. 
  4. Teaching Family Members at a Underwater World Location
    1. Instructors may elect to place their Family Members in a regularly scheduled Underwater World Course, however, the costs are different than indicated above. 
    2. Cost of the SCUBA Course 
      1. Underwater World will continue to waive all of the fees associated with Underwater World. 
      2. Pool Fees, Instructor Fees (if the family member is in another persons course), Certification Fees (as listed above), will dictate the cost of the course. 
  5. Teaching Family Members a Speciality Course
    1. There are many speciality courses that may be taught and the prices vary depending on the course. 
    2. Pricing Guidelines
      1. Underwater World will waive all fees associated with Underwater World 
      2. Examples of fees that are not waived 
        1. Instructor fee (if taught by another Instructor) 
        2. Certification fee (if a card is required)
        3. Pool fee 
      3. All rental equipment will be rented at 50% the normal rate