Best Price guarentee 

Underwater World is an Authorized Dealer for all products that are listed and sold online. Products will be listed an sold at the manufacturers lowest allowable selling price (MAP). If, within 30 days of your purchase you find the same product being advertised for less by any Authorized Dealer, simply show us the ad and we will refund you the difference. 

return policy

Diving requires you to have the proper fitting and the proper working equipment, and at Underwater World we want to make sure that happens!

Buyer Beware: some retailers have a "can't get wet policy" for their returns. This means that if you take a mask in the water and it is uncomfortable, you can't return it for a 100% refund. UNDERWATER WORLD DOES NOT HAVE THIS POLICY 

Within 30 days; of your purchase, you are unhappy or uncomfortable with your product, simply contact us for a return and 100% refund. We understand the product may be lightly used, but please send us the original packaging with the return. Unless the wrong product was shipped by Underwater World, we are unable to refund the original and returned shipping cost. . 

Shipping Policy

Underwater World offers a few different types of shippings. All product descriptions will have sections that clearly defines what you can expect for shipping times and guidelines. Because we are a retailer for over 400 manufactures, there are some items that we do not regularly stock and these may be ordered as a "Special Ordered Product Only". There are also occasions that we have a product that we stock but a specific size, color, or option may not currently be available. In this case, the buyer will still have the option to "Special Order" that product. 

When researching a product on the Underwater World website, please look at the product description for information on "Product Availability" and "Free Shipping Available"

"Product Availability": This header, with the following options will be found on the product description. This will inform buyers of the if the product is a "Special Order Product" or "Qualifies for Known Customer Expedited Shipping" 

• "Special Order Products": These are products that ship from the manufacturer. Please allow 14-21 days to receive this product. 

Known Customer Expedited Shipping (KCES): These are products that are in-stock and both the buyer and the product qualify for KCES shipping. KCES orders are fulfilled within 1 business day of receiving the order. For more information on KCES, please see the KCES section below. 

• "Standard Shipping": These are products that are in-stock and either the product or the buyer do not qualify for KCES shipping. Please allow approximately 3 business days for order fulfillment. 

Free Shipping: Many products, including all life-support products are offered at FREE Shipping. If a product does not offer free shipping, that shipping will be automatically calculated by either USPS or UPS during checkout. 

Known Customer Expedited Shipping (KCES)

Underwater World understands that receiving your order in a timely manner is important and we strive to fulfill orders as quickly as we can. This is a delicate balance between quick shipping and credit card fraud prevention. In a 90 day period in 2017, Underwater World Online successfully blocked $48,500 of fraudulent orders.

With this in mind, we have developed a program we call KCES. KCES is simply verifying that the order is being shipping to a customer that has purchased from Underwater World or Underwater World Online previously. We do this with a quick verification of your customer account history. 

There is nothing you have to do to enroll into KCES. If you are a previous Underwater World customer and your product says "qualifies for KCES" your order will be processed and shipped within 1 business day of placing the order! 

If you do not qualify for KCES, you will automatically fall under "Standard Shipping" or "Special Order Products" and your order will be shipped once automatic fraud protections measures have been completed.