SCUBA Diving is much like skiing, snowboarding, and golf. Although, you may rent your equipment, divers that own their own equipment are, in most cases, more comfortable and confident in the water. You no longer need to learn how to use your rental computer before every dive, or figure out where the pockets on your B.C. are located. There are very few golfers out there that would say, they would be just as good at golf if they were using rental clubs every time. 

At Underwater World we know beginning a new hobby, one you will do for years to come, can be expensive. The good news is SCUBA equipment is designed to last for many years, therefore, is a valuable investment for divers to pursue. Almost daily our service department handles regulators that are over 20 years old! So rest assured, your personal equipment purchase is something that will last you much of your diving career. 

There are important things to consider when investing in your own life-support SCUBA equipment. We highly recommend, that before you commit to a purchase from anywhere, you speak with an Underwater World Sales Team Member first. We believe in great customer service with personal attention to your diving needs. This will ensure you are purchasing the equipment that is right for you. When you are an Underwater World customer you  are part of the largest community of SCUBA divers in the local area! Tap in to our years of knowledge and experience. We are here to help!


It is no surprise that SCUBA equipment is also sold online. In fact, we also, have an online store! However, before you commit to an online purchase you must know what you are getting into. Remember, we value you as an Underwater World Diver and therefore, are invested in giving you accurate and valuable advice and recommendations. With an online retailer, you lose that relationship. Instead of a diver that is part of a dive center's diving community, you become a sales number. Not convinced? Our Sales Team was at a meeting with a major manufacturer. At that meeting was the owner of a very popular online retailer. That owner, told everyone at the meeting, his business model is based on, "getting people to think that he actually cares about them." What a terrible thing to say! That comment stuck with our Sales Team Members for the past 5 years, and has motivated them to build and sustain relationships with our divers. There are a lot of options when it comes to SCUBA equipment and you deserve accurate information that helps you assess what kind of equipment is right for you. Let us help you make that assessment. 

In addition to a lack of customer relationship, you may be purchasing a product with no manufacturer's warranty! Only Manufactures Authorized Dealers may sell a product with a manufacturer's warranty (including FREE parts for life). Authorized Dealers around the United States are required by the manufactures to comply with "minimum advertised price (MAP)" guidelines. This means, we, and other Authorized Dealers, are not permitted to advertise our product below a certain threshold online. Doing so may void the Dealer Contract!

So, how do you know if your purchase is from an Authorized Dealer? Good question! There are 2 easy ways for you to find out. First, if the price you see being advertised online is less than the price we advertise through our online store, they are NOT an Authorized Dealer! Underwater World is committed to providing you with the lowest price allowed by Manufacturer Contract, and thus, all of our online prices are set right at the MAP. Any lower, and we would not be allowed to remain an Authorized Dealer! Secondly, check the manufacturer's website for Authorized Dealers. This will tell you if the location you are purchasing from is an Authorized Dealer. Underwater World is, and always has been, an Authorized Dealer for all of the products that we sell, and therefore, a full manufacturer's warranty is included in your purchase. 

Isn't it cheaper to buy online?

Actually, in most cases, no! 
It is important to know that though we are only allowed to advertise a certain price, we are allowed to sell at a different price. So in most cases, the prices you see in the store are lower than the prices you will find online, including our own website! We do this intentionally. It goes back to building a relationship with our divers. We want you to come in and speak with us about what is right for you, then we know that you are getting the best equipment personalized for you. Right from the start you should see savings by coming into Underwater World. 

Now, let's assume that you purchased a regulator online from a non-authorized dealer. Wouldn't the price be lower as they are not required to advertise at MAP? Yes, that could and in a lot of cases is true! But, hang on a second. Remember, Authorized Dealers are the ONLY ones that can offer a full manufacturer's warranty, including, free parts for life. So, are you saving money? No! In fact, a lack of "free parts for life" may cost you well over $1,000 more throughout the life of the regulator. 

"Free Parts for Life" is incredibly important. Regulators need to be serviced annually to ensure that o-rings, high pressure seats, and other important components are replaced on schedule. If this is not done, the risk of failure increases dramatically. When you bring your regulator into Underwater World for annual service, we put an Annual Service Parts Kit into the regulator, replacing the old and time-limited parts. That parts kit, if the regulator was purchased from and Authorized Dealer, is FREE! If it was purchased from a non-authorized dealer, it will cost between $75-$100! That is every year, for the life of the regulator! 

Every day we do annual service on regulators that are over a decade old. That is a lot of money saved in that decade by purchasing it from an Authorized Dealer. Now, yes, it is possible to not bring the regulator in for annual service, ever, and save some money on your purchase. However, it is life-support equipment, and the end result may be a failure of rubber o-rings at a depth that is not conducive for an emergency swimming ascent, leaving you with one outcome...

The Down and Dirty
At Underwater World we value our relationship with our divers among all else. Yes, we are a business, but we believe that just because we are a business doesn't mean we shouldn't care about developing a great relationship with our divers. We have spent over 40 years building those relationships and we have done it by being honest and straight forward with everyone that walks into our door. To up-sell you or charge you more is in direct violation of our business model. It does us no good to make an extra $50 if you are ultimately unsatisfied with your experience and never come back to see us. With that in mind we are committed to helping you find, not the best and most expensive equipment on the market, but the equipment that is perfectly suited for the type of diving you are going to be doing. That is our goal. 

We have dedicated a lot of time to ensuring that your experience at Underwater World is a great one; that you always feel welcome, and you know that by stepping into our doors, you will receive the best price anywhere. However, rest assured, that if you find a better price from any Authorized Retailer, anywhere, Underwater World will match that price! 

We look forward to decades of diving with you. Thank you for allowing us to assist you in finding the right equipment for all of your diving needs!