Are you one of the many people that find themselves getting cold in the pool?

As a valued new student in one of our courses we invite you to participate in our Rent-to-Buy Wetsuit Program. This exclusive Underwater World Wetsuit Program offers you the chance to rent a BRAND NEW 3mm wetsuit during the entire duration of your course for the low starting price of only $60!

At the end of the course you have 2 options. You may return your suit to Underwater World and you have only paid for the rental, or, the more popular option, is to keep your wetsuit. Since many people purchase a 3mm  jumpsuit for travel to their warm water diving destinations we give you the option to purchase the suit you have been using throughout your course for only an additional automatic payment starting at only $50!  

That's right, a total of $110 and you can, in 2 easy payments, own your own 3mm wetsuit! That's over 10% OFF MSRP!

Other rental options available for class shorty's or premium jumpsuits.  See sales staff for details.

Stop being cold! Join the Underwater World Rent-to-Buy Wetsuit Program!
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