The diver should understand that they will be required to sign the rental form upon picking up the equipment. By signing the rental form, you agree to all the terms and conditions set forth below, and your signature relieves Underwater World, Inc. and it's representatives of any responsibility in the event of an equipment malfunction.

Terms & conditions

1. If the equipment that has been rented is not returned by the specified date, Rentee agrees to pay an additional rental charge. This charge is a minimum of 50% of the previously paid fee. 

2. Any damage to the equipment due to mistreatment will be paid for in full by the Rentee. An authorized representative of Underwater World, Inc. will be the sole judge of damage and the cost to repair. 

3. Rentee agrees to pay for equipment even though it was not used, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Underwater World, Inc. 

4. All lost or stolen equipment charged to the Rentee, will be replaced by the Rentee as the established shelf price or a price deemed equitable by an authorized representative of Underwater World, Inc. 

5. A $10.00 service charge will be added for any tank cylinder returned with less than 100 p.s.i. 

6. A $10.00 service charge mat be added for equipment that is returned dirty or wet. 

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Pick-Up Date *
Pick-Up Date
Return Date *
Return Date
Please specify the Nitrox mix that you wish to reserve.
An additional charge for Nitrox mixes over 34% may be incurred.
If you know your suit "number," please put that in the notes section! Manufacturers sizes do not always match! Underwater World highly recommends you try on the wetsuit before you leave the Dive Center!
Actual amount of weights is not required for this form.
All boots are in Men's sizes! Women's sizes run about 2 sizes smaller. Example; if you are a Women that needs size 8, please select size 6!
Certification Requirement *
I understand that I must be a certified SCUBA diver to rent life-support equipment and must present my credentials upon picking up my rental equipment.