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Why rent from underwater world?

1. Our equipment is continually maintained for safety and performance. Underwater World doesn't just fix our rental equipment when something goes wrong, we constantly maintain it to keep it working to manufacturers specifications for your safety and the reliability of our equipment. Can you say the same about the dive shop that you rent from in the islands? 

2. We rent everything that you need to dive! From cold-water wetsuits to Nitrox tanks, we have what you need no matter what kind of diving you are doing, or where in the world you may be diving! 

3. Dive Computers? Yeah we have them and they are included! Don't want to dive using Dive Tables, you don't have to! Our rental regulators are all equipped with dive computers to enhance the safety of your diving! 

4. Air Source technology. Many of our regulators are equipped to be used with Scuba Pro Air 2 equipment! This eliminates a hose and streamlines your equipment while diving! Don't worry, we have B.C.s with the Air 2 already installed! If you want to go more of a traditional route and have a standard octopus, we have theses too! 

5. FREE MESH BAG! What good is giving you the rental equipment if we aren't going to provide you a way to carry it all to the dive site! Underwater World has you covered! With your rental equipment you will receive a mesh bag, included! 

6. Great rates! We want you to dive and we provide you with competitive rates to make it easier! Click Here to see our rates! 

7. Underwater World makes it easy for you! Just fill out the online Rental Form and come pick up your equipment! 

What kind of equipment does underwater World rent?