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The Scubapro S-Tek Pro System's revolutionary design is built tough and loaded with features, helping to make your time at depth more comfortable and enjoyable. Designed for both utility and comfort, this system features 3D formed back plate with harness that includes adjustable Tek LOC shoulders to ensure a snug fit and molded Monprene pads that provide cushioning without creating bulk or inherent buoyancy. For convenience, the system is sold as a comprehensive kit including the Pro Harness with Back Plate, 30 lbs. (13kg) lift Donut Wing and Single Tank Adapter.

The Pro harnesses molded Monprene pads cushion shoulders, waist and back for increased comfort. Shoulder buckle and D-ring heights can be adjusted to suit different torso lengths. Branded silicone epaulet on the left shoulder and branded silicone guide bands keeps inflator hose and straps in place. Two pre-bent D-rings on the shoulders, one D-ring on the waist, and two D-rings on the crotch strap are provided for clipping on extra gear. Stainless steel waist buckle allows for a range of adjustment.

The S-Tek Pro Back Plate is a 3D formed back plate that features a softened organic shape, curved central profile and fully radiused edges for greater comfort. EVO Angle webbing slots allow for a more natural webbing routing that increases diver comfort and reduces abrasion. Recessed wing nut socket features S-Tek ergo nuts that are ergonomically designed to be used with cold, wet or gloved hands, easy to tighten/loosen and flush mounted to prevent suit abrasion. Recessed wing nut socket is also compatible with standard wing nuts. Back plate provides mounting points for trim weights, an argon tank mounting point and a convenient built-in carry handle. The harness and stainless-steel back plate weigh 8.6 lbs. (3.9kg).

The donut wing is constructed of durable 1000D Cordura outer shell and 500D Cordura inner bladder. Improved rounded profile reduces air trapping. Wing features an elliptical EPDM corrugated inflator hose and Scubapro's K-Style Balanced Power Inflator (BPI). Scubapro BPI mechanism: Scubapro's BPI provides a high inflation speed, especially at depth. Inflator has different shaped inflation and purge buttons for easy use even in extremely low light or murky water conditions. Inflator is also equipped with a rapid pull dump mechanism with cable pull for easy deflation of the air bladder. Included with the inflator is a 3/8" threaded low-pressure hose for attachment to the first stage regulator. For trimming buoyancy when diving in an inverted position the donut wing has a left lower overpressure relief/pull dump valve with pull cord. The wing weighs 1.85 lbs. (840g). Aluminum single tank adapter is included with this 30 lbs. (13kg) systems.

The S-Tek Single Tank Adapter is a convenient way to switch from double tank to single tank diving. Adapter is made of lightweight marine-grade aluminum. Comes with a single cinch band that makes for easier tank attachment. Design offers more vertical adjustability for fine-tuning tank positioning. Rubber grip pad helps keep tank securely in place. Fixed bolts allow for easy attachment and removal. Includes tank height adjustment strap with quick-release buckle. Adapter weighs 1.8 lbs. (816.5g).

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.



Scubapro 1111398 Features

  • S-Tek Pro System Harness Donut Wing 30 lbs. (13kg) Lift:
  • Complete Technical Buoyancy System
  • Harness w/Back Plate
  • Donut Back Inflation Wing BCD
  • Single Tank Adapter
  • Built Tough & Loaded w/Features
  • Time at Depth More Comfortable & Enjoyable
  • Designed for Both Utility & Comfort
  • Owner's Manual
  • Pro Harness:
  • Adjustable Tek LOC Shoulders: Ensure Snug Fit
  • Molded Monprene Pads Cushion Shoulders, Waist & Back
  • Shoulder Buckle & D-Ring Heights: Adjustable to Suit Different Torso Lengths
  • Branded Silicone Epaulet On-Left Shoulder
  • Branded Silicone Guide Bands
  • Epaulet & Guide Bands: Keep Inflator Hose & Straps In-Place
  • 5-D-Rings:
    2 Pre-Bent On-Shoulders
    1 On-Waist
    2 On-Crotch Strap
    Provided for Clipping-On Extra Gear
  • S-Tek Pro Back Plate:
  • 3D Formed Back Plate
  • Softened Organic Shape
  • Curved Central Profile
  • Fully Radiused Edges for Greater Comfort
  • EVO Angle Webbing Slots Allow More Natural Webbing Routing
  • Design: Increases Diver Comfort & Reduces Abrasion
  • Recessed Wing Nut Socket Features
    S-Tek Ergo Nuts Ergonomically Designed to Be-Used w/Cold, Wet or Gloved Hands
    Easy to Tighten/Loosen
    Flush Mounted to Prevent Suit Abrasion
    Recessed Wing Nut Socket: Compatible w/Standard Wing Nuts
  • Mounting Points for:
    Trim Weights
    Argon Tank Mounting Point
  • Convenient Built-In Carry Handle
  • Material: Stainless-Steel
  • Harness w/Back Plate Weight: 8.6 lbs. (3.9kg)
  • Donut Wing:
  • Outer Shell: Durable 1000D Cordura
  • Inner Bladder: 500D Cordura
  • Improved Rounded Profile: Reduces Air Trapping
  • Elliptical EPDM Corrugated Inflator Hose
  • Lift: 30 lbs. (13kg)
  • Wing Weight: 1.85 lbs. (840g)
  • K-Style Balanced Power Inflator (BPI):
  • High Inflation Speed, Especially at Depth
  • Different Shaped Inflation & Purge Buttons
  • Buttons: Easy Use-In Low Light or Murky Water
  • Rapped Pull Dump Equipped
  • Durable Corrugated Hose
  • Comfortable Easy Use Oral Inflator
  • Complete w/Regulator 3/8" Threaded LP Hose
  • S-Tek Single Tank Adapter:
  • Convenient Way to Switch from Double to Single Tank Diving
  • Lightweight Marine-Grade Aluminum
  • Single Cinch Band: Easier Tank Attachment
  • More Vertical Adjustability for Fine-Tuning Tank Positioning
  • Rubber Grip Pad Helps Keep Tank Securely In-Place
  • Fixed Bolts Allow Easy Attachment & Removal
  • Tank Height Adjustment Strap w/Quick-Release Buckle
  • Adapter Weight: 1.8 lbs. (816.5g)