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Price:   $ 1,099.00   $ 799.00  
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The Hydra Neoprene Drysuit is designed with cold water adventures in mind. With a close fitting, streamlined style, the Hydra is warm and flexible. High Density Neoprene (HDN) is used in critical areas throughout the suit. Compressed from 7mm to 4mm, HDN fuses the thermal protection of neoprene with a greater consistency of buoyancy throughout the dive. HDN is laminated with hardwearing fabric on the outside for excellent abrasion resistance, and smoother linings on the inside to increase comfort and aid donning.

Supratex linings protect critical wear areas in the crotch and underarms without limiting freedom of movement. Parts of the suit normally exposed to additional abrasion such as shoulders, waist and knees have a tough Durawear print.

Seams are fused and blindstitched before being taped on the inside and external plasma seams prevent abrasion from your equipment or environment.

Mobility is often the trade-off when opting for neoprene drysuits. The Hydra maximises this mobility with underarm gussets and the same composite YKK dry-zipper used in the Argonaut drysuit which is much more flexible and lighter in weight than the traditional brass zips. Our experience has shown that these zips, if looked after properly, will give extended, excellent performance.

Our 4mm compressed neoprene dryboots are fitted as standard. With double layer reinforcement, good grip and our ergonomic footbed, these boots are comfortable and reliable.

Fitted with Apollo Bio-Dry inflate and dump valves, the specification of this suit makes it your ideal companion for many cold water adventures. The Hydra is supplied with a Hydpro Smooth Pro low pressure hose. This braided hose is encased in a polyurethane coating which ensures low friction, flexibility and excellent durability even in cold temperatures.

Included with every Hydra is a 7mm Neoprene hood and Hydra Changing Bag.

Key Features

4mm HDN fabric Hardwearing outer lining for durability
Smooth inner lining for comfort Close-fitting,
streamlined design to minimise air management and maximise mobility
Neoprene neck seal for durability and additional warmth
Critical harness-wear areas in crotch and underarms are protected by Supratex linings
Durawear print protects key areas including waist and shoulders
Plastic YKK dry-zipper minimises bulk and weight and ensures maximum freedom of movement
Fused, blind-stitched and taped seams
Plasma seams on torso protect seams from abrasion caused by equipment
Warranty protection