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Price:  $ 90.00 
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About Thermo by XS Scuba Pro H Adapter

You are building up a tech rig and want the ability to use high pressure cylinders for longer bottom times. Your plans are to set up a valve system for multiple regulators then you need to use the Thermo by XS Scuba DIN H Adapter System. The Pro H Adapter will accommodate both Yoke and DIN regulators with its removable 230 bar (3,336 psi) DIN insert which can be removed using a 1/4" hex key wrench, and attaches to all Thermo and XS Scuba Modular Valves. The Pro H Adapter can attach to left or right hand modular valve. Valve is cleaned for pre-blended Nitrox up to 40% oxygen.

Like the Thermo Modular Valve the Pro DIN H Adapter is made of marine grade brass with triple bright chrome plating for long life protection in salt water. Precision machined from high tension brass and chrome plated valve stems for years of service and corrosion free operation. Easy Grip soft rubber hand wheel with stainless steel insert ensures long life and large ribs make turning handle easy even when wearing gloves. Valve bonnets are copper crush washer sealed.