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Drift Diving is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable dives you can ever make. There you are at neutral buoyancy floating along your breathing rate is like you are sitting on the couch watching the reef go by on TV. Your breathing so slow you can make a tank of air last forever, yet if you decide to stop and look at something more closely, forget it. Now you’re fighting the current to stay stationary and using air at an extraordinary rate. Having a Drift Reef Hook can save the day. Place it into or under a “Non Living Rock “on the bottom [not Living Coral) and you can now easily stay in one spot without a struggle. Also can be used when on the surface to keep stationary when making safety stops or waiting for the boat to pick you up. Hook is made of rust resistant stainless steel for strength and durability, line is durable nylon with a Stainless Steel easy Release Master Clip.