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DATE: JUNE 5 (Rock Pile)

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DATE: AUGUST 13 (Yellow Flag)

Price:  $ 140.00 
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The Dina Dee II has been configured exclusively for diving. Some of her features include:

* Long open Christmas tree style dive ladder
* Comfortable benches for holding tanks and gearing up
* Under bench storage for gear
* Additional out of the way storage for extra tanks
* Live well and community cooler to keep your catch fresh
* Ample storage below deck for dry gear and changing
* Four racks down below if you want to rest on the way
* Large enclosed area to get out of the elements
* Full downline (Carolina rig) for easy entry and safe return to the Dive ladder


 All divers must have current certification from a nationally recognized organization such as NAUI or PADI.
* All divers should make a 3-5 minute safety stop at 15 feet regardless of depth or duration of dive.
* All divers must have a dive buddy.
* All divers must have a redundant air supply such as a pony bottle or doubles.
* All divers must descend on the anchor line to the wreck.
* All divers must ascend on the anchor line to the boat.
* We strictly enforce the fishing regulations and have the right to check all fish and lobster brought on board.
* Illegal substances are strictly forbidden on board.
* No alcohol is to be consumed before or between dives