Let Underwater World take the magic out of Nitrox for you. Nitrox is a certification that every diver should and can hold. Safely extending bottom time, eliminating decompression stops, and reducing the hours between diving and flying are just a few of the perks that you can benefit from. This is one of our most popular courses and is included in all of our All-Inclusive Training Packages! We offer this course in two different formats; traditional classroom training (2 nights) or online (at your own pace). With these options, learning to dive Nitrox has never been easier! Don't go another season without a Nitrox Certification. Take a look at our upcoming Nitrox Courses!

Cost: $195; Includes Nitrox Books, Dive Tables, Certification Card, and NAUI Deluxe Nitrox LogPages

Equipment Specialist Course

If you are the type of person that likes to know how things work, this is a good course for you. We will spend three nights working on regulators, bcs, valves, etc. We will teach you how to recognize a problem and how to determine if you can resolve it in the field. It will make you more confident in the equipment that you are using because you will understand it. Give this course a try - you will find it fascinating. Take a look at our upcoming Equipment Specialist Courses!

Cost: $195; Includes the the ISC T-2 Toolkit
A Certification Card is not required for this course but may be purchased for $30

Wreck diver - external 

Interested in diving on a German U-boat? What about bringing home lobsters, crabs, or even flounder to your summer cookout? If so, this is an excellent course for you! You will learn about boat etiquette, down lines, up lines, and more underwater navigation. We will do 1 day of diving at Dutch Springs and 1 day of boat diving off the New Jersey coast. This course is a must for everyone interested in Northeast SCUBA diving! Take a look at our upcoming Wreck Diver - External Survey!

Cost: $150.00
*Does not include the cost of the boat. 

NAUI Scuba Medic Course

This is the first step towards a Dive Rescue Certification and it is a course that everyone should take. Not only does it increase the safety of SCUBA, it teaches good everyday subjects! Approximately 15 hours long, this course includes;

  • First Aid

  • CPR

  • Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP)

  • Automatic Emergency Defibrilators (AED)

  • Oxygen Administration

The life you save will not be your own but it may be someone you love. Don't stand helplessly by waiting for someone to do something - get the training and take charge! Take a look at our upcoming NAUI SCUBA Medic Courses

Cost: **In October NAUI partnered with DAN. This partnership has changed the training curriculum and we are currently working out the new details. Stay tuned for costs and schedule updates. 

Dry Suit Course

Stay warm, stay dry. Extend your dive season by months! With a dry suit, there is no reason to give up diving because the water gets cold. It is a little trickier diving in a dry suit, so it is important that you get some instruction before venturing into it. Once you dive dry in the Northeast, you will never dive wet again! Don't be cold, be comfortable, and enjoy your diving adventure! Take a look at our upcoming Dry Suit Courses!

Cost: $200.00

SPECIAL: Want the course for FREE? Buy a drysuit from Underwater World within 30 days of the course and we will credit you $200!!

Dive Rescue/Advanced Dive Rescue

An absolutely fantastic course! This course is required for anyone wanting to become a Divemaster or Instructor, but is also a course that every diver should take. Not only do you learn how to save someone else, but there is a lot of emphasis on self-rescue. Increase your diving safety and increase your diving knowledge! Want to be an Advanced Rescue Diver? Just complete the NAUI SCUBA Medic Course! Take a look at our upcoming Dive Rescue Courses and sign up today! 

Cost: $395.00 and includes the NAUI Rescue e-Learning on-line course, a Digital and Hard Certification Cards. This portion must be completed before your weekend at Dutch doing the hands-on diving skills. You can upgrade to the Premier Package for an additional $50 which includes a Rescue Text Book and Log Book. (CPR/First Aid Certifications must be current to complete the Rescue Certification requirements. AED, O2 Certifications required for Advanced Rescue Certification).


Master Diver

Underwater World's Master Diver course is specifically designed for the SCUBA diver who is ready to continue their growth and education in their sport. 7 classroom sessions, INCLUDING a trip to the recompression chamber at the University of Pennsylvania, will greatly enhance your level of education in SCUBA. You will complete 5 days of ocean diving and a visit to Dutch Springs to practice search and recovery techniques. Not only is this course a great learning experience, but you will have an opportunity to train with other divers sharing your enthusiasm. A new dive buddy with your level of education and skill is right around the corner! Take a look at our upcoming Master Diver Courses

Cost: $425.00; includes a $50 in Underwater World Diving Dollars to be used for equipment purchases 


Divemaster/Assistant Courses

Interested in taking the NAUI Leadership Courses? The Underwater World Divemaster course is designed to make you eligible to lead dives consisting of certified divers. This course will allow you to lead trips, boat dives, or excursions inland. The Assistant Instructor is one who's interest is more in helping teach SCUBA or in becoming an Instructor. Call us today for details! 

Cost: $450.00 + Required NAUI Books 


NAUI Instructor Course

Join the ranks of the professionals and become a NAUI SCUBA Instructor. This intense course will take place over one week with additional diving following. After certification, you will be able to teach almost all of the NAUI courses as well as First Aid & CPR. You too can join the ranks of the Underwater World Instructors and help us teach the next generation of better, safer SCUBA Divers! Call us today for details! We already have one scheduled for 2015. Sign up today! 

Cost: $1500.00