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Speciality Training

Speciality courses are a great way to become a more rounded SCUBA diver.
Whether you are looking for more Deep Diving training or you are ready to take on the colder waters of the Northeast in a Drysuit,
Underwater World has a speciality course for you. Courses like Equipment Repair Specialist, Fish Identification, and Equipment Setup Techniques
are just some of the great courses that diver can take during the Northeast winters, as they don't even require a pool session.

Check out any of our Continuing Education Courses


Learn how to manage risks and effectively handle limited in-water problems and diving emergencies, how to assist and transport divers, and how to perform surface rescues and rescues from depth involving both boat and shore based skin and scuba divers.

Cost: $ 195.00
Not sure if SCUBA is right for you? Give our "Try SCUBA" class out and find out!

Cost: $ 59.00
Bookwork: eLearning Pool: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30pm-8:30pm (5 sessions)

Cost: $ 295.00
3 nights Time: 6:30 - 9:30pm in pool. NAUI eLearning must be finished before the start of certification dives.

Cost: $ 295.00
Bookwork: eLearning Pool: Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am - 5pm

Cost: $ 325.00
Complete your SCUBA training with Underwater World at Lake Allure

Cost: $ 299.00
Divers who go on an Underwater World Group Trip for their Certification Dives receive a $45 discount on those dives. They may also use the Underwater World rental equipment for FREE on their Certification Trip!

Cost: $ 250.00
This 2 hour pool session will get you back in the water with a certified Divemaster or Instructor and you work on getting your skills back up to par if you haven't dove in an extended period of time. You go over gear set-up, entry, skill review, bouyancy control, and/or anything else you feel a little rusty on!

Cost: $ 59.00
Is eLearning not for you? No Problem! Underwater World offers a classroom version of the Nitrox Diver once a month.

Cost: $ 264.00
Complete this course at your own pace with no schedule. Order now and receive the eLearning codes.

Cost: $ 129.00
Complete this course at your own pace with no schedule. Order now and receive the eLearning codes and NAUI Education System Premier including the textbook, 32%/36% dive tables and more.

Cost: $ 189.00
Become an Advanced SCUBA Diver while on your trip in Curacao

Cost: $ 166.00