So, you have decided to purchase your own life-support equipment? Congratulations! At Underwater World we have many options for you to chose from and you may find it more beneficial to come in and speak with us so that we may better assess what kind of equipment would be best for you. However, this page shows you a few great options for new divers, just like you! As you will see there is a huge variety of SCUBA equipment and sometimes trying to figure out what you need is difficult. You may read reviews from other divers and professional organizations but remember, divers are unique and so are their needs. 

Some people may like to totally customize their life-support package and we would be happy to assist you with that. For others, it is easier to see what type of packages are out there. That is what this page is designed to do. 

For over 40 years Underwater World has been providing divers with the best package pricing available. All our prices are clear and transparent and there are no hidden costs. By purchasing equipment from Underwater World you receive the following additional benefits;

  • No assembly charge. ($75 Value)
  • Full Manufacturers Warranty
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Not diving in the next 30 days? We have you covered! We will arrange for you to test your equipment in a pool, FREE of charge! ($50 Value)
  • Hose Protectors; to extend the life of your hoses, for FREE ($20 Value)
  • Annual Service Discount. (Valued at up to $15 a year. Savings may exceed $300 throughout the life of the regulator)

                  Oceanic Open Water Package 

What does that mean to you? It means, no hidden fees, no games, and the best pricing and service anywhere. Let's assume you want the Oceanic "Open Water Package." If you walk in and tell a Sales Team Member that you want the "Open Water Package", you will pay what you see below, $999.95 (O.K. admittedly there is sales tax).

What kind of value will you receive for $999.95? If you add up what regular MSRP is to all of the valuable benefits above, that means that you will be diving with a package valued at $1414.75 for only $999.95! 

There are some pre-built packages, like the Open Water Package, that already offer a huge savings, but what if you wanted to customize your package? Not a problem! In fact, if you purchase a qualifying life-support package, prior to your Certification Dives, you will do those Certification Dives for FREE!

The moral of the story; there is a huge advantage of owning your own equipment and as an Underwater World Diver and Student, there are a lot of ways to save money while purchasing that equipment! The biggest savings are available to those that purchase their equipment prior to their Certification Dives. Don't wait until after your are Certified! Speak with a Sales Team Member today and receive your Certification Dives for FREE! 

Welcome to the Underwater World Experience!