Welcome to Underwater World! Though you are taking the SCUBA Course at Temple University, you have a Dive Center associated with your course. Your Course is being taught by an Underwater World Instructor. 

Underwater World has taught at Temple University for over 15 years! Over those 15 years we have been committed to providing you with the best training available to make sure you are ready to SCUBA Dive anywhere in the world.

We understand that taking a SCUBA course while in College presents many different challenges. One obvious one is that is can be expensive. With that in mind, Underwater World has provided Temple Students with the best discounts available to help them with books, eLearning, or equipment. Anything you purchase through the Temple Portal of our webpage will be sent down to class with your Instructor so you will have it at the next class. If you have any questions or need a reminder on the password, please contact your Instructor.

The Temple Equipment Page is designed ONLY for current Temple Students who are enrolled in the current semesters SCUBA Course. Please don’t share the password with anyone not in your class. Underwater World reserves the right to cancel any orders made by customers who are not currently enrolled in the Temple SCUBA course.

If you have any questions, you may call your Instructor or Contact Us

Thank you for taking SCUBA with Underwater World and Temple University. 
Welcome to being part of the Underwater World Community of SCUBA Divers!