Welcome to Underwater World! Though you are taking the SCUBA Course at Temple University, you have a Dive Center associated with your course! Your Course is being taught by an Underwater World Instructor. 

Underwater World has taught at Temple University for 10 years! Over those 10 years we have been committed to providing you with the best training available to make sure you are ready to SCUBA Dive anywhere in the world! 

SCUBA can be an expensive sport and we know that it can be difficult to take up a new hobby while in College. With that in mind we have built a few packages for you so that you are able to use your own equipment at a very discounted price! It's a fact that Divers with their own equipment not only dive more, they are safer and more competent. So take a look at the packages we have built for you and you can have your own equipment in no time! 

Underwater World is also committed to making this as convenient as possible for you! We know that many of you may not have cars at school and it would be difficult to come to Underwater World to purchase your equipment. You can get everything you need from us online and we will send it to your next class with your Instructor, that means FREE SHIPPING! 

We designed these packages just for our Temple University Students, so please don't share the password to the site with your friends! When you place your order it will ask you for shipping information, fill this out just as you would if we were going to ship it, but don't worry, we will just have it sent to your next class! 

If you have any questions, you may call your Instructor or Contact Us

Thank you for taking SCUBA with Underwater World and Temple University. 
Welcome to being part of the Underwater World Community of SCUBA Divers!