The staff are so helpful and encourage you to try a variety of items to see what fits you best - physically or to your experience.
A technical hobby like this requires advice from people with years of experience. You get that free of charge by buying at a brick and motor location!
— Mark Snyder
“I can’t say enough about the fantastic experience we have both had with your staff, programs and products. Andy’s sound, practical and strict attention to detail has made me appreciate the intricacies of this sport and want to learn that much more to be able to safely enjoy it and maybe even expand my horizons beyond the Carribean. Gary and Bill possess limitless patience but offered no slack either when it came to adhering to the rules and getting it right. I look forward to continuing my education with this team of professionals...”
— Eileen Gaynor
My wife and I had taken our basic and advance open water courses with Underwater World. What an outstanding job they did! We had two different instructor groups and we loved both! My wife & I are both executives and we appreciated how dedicated they were! We now have been diving for over 12 years and we only use Underwater World for our trips and equipment. We both highly recommend Underwater World. We drive over an 90 minutes to get to their store!!! Our experience with the whole staff and instructors has been rewarding. My wife and I are pleasure divers with over 300 dives each. Because of our instructors, we have not had one issue or problem. We were trained by the best and our equipment is serviced by the best!!! One of a favorite trips with Underwater World is their Bonaire trip! We have gone with them on many trips and have enjoyed everyone!
— George Edwards
A huge Thank You to the entire staff at Underwater World! Over the summer I took the Basic Scuba course. Rest assured Barb with the help of Rob & Greg made sure we were extremely safe in the water. Barb has a great teaching style in presenting so much, very important, information in a manner that is easily relatable. Even when I was a bit confused about dive charts and dive planning Barb offered time outside of class to make sure I understood the material. All three were very attentive in the water both during our classes and during our actual check out Dives. Thanks again for opening a new door of adventure for me.
— Tracey Grant Giada
Thanks Underwater World - through your phenomenal training, I am now a NAUI Certified SCUBA Diver and absolutely love the sport! Your thorough skills training prepared me very well for my Open Water dives in Bonaire. I went with trepidation but confidence and succeeded. It may have been one of the most intense things that I have ever done, but, once I did my first pleasure dive I realize that it was all worth it. Saving my money for another trip!
— Laura Krunger
The scuba classes that Underwater World offer are great. The staff make you feel very comfortable and they are very patient. Everyone should try scuba it is a blast!
— Tom C.
This is a great dive shop that I have been using for more than 30 years. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and sells the most up to date equipment. Both the dives to local and distant locations are well organized and priced fairly. Mike Guckin and his crew do an excellent job.
— Doug W.
Staff were very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Was seeking info on cert classes for my wife. I’m certified already but haven’t dove in years. Underwater World has tons of classes at different times and locations. My wife is going to sign up for a class in the Spring of 2018 to finish the cert before our vacation in Summer 2018. I’m going to take a one night refresher course as well which was very reasonably priced. Also bought my wife a mask and snorkel. We will definitely be going back for more gear and advice in the future!
— Bryan G.
Underwater World... it’s the place to go to live the experience... the best training, proper equipment, skilled repair service along with the best staff and Instructors eager to share their underwater encounters. What are you waiting for! take a breath Underwater its amazing what awaits you!!
— Denny W.