All-Inclusive Training and Equipment Packages

At Underwater World we know that starting a new hobby takes commitment, both in education and financially. That's why we have built a few packages that take care of everything you need, with payment plans, and up to $1100 of savings. With our Platinum Diver Package, we even cover 5 years of Annual Service, and the remaining rental equipment for your Advanced Course. In fact, our Platinum Diver Package saves so much money, that even if you are already have your Basic Certification, it still saves you nearly $500! When you purchase any of the packages, the price you see is what you pay. We have even included the tax in the total package price!

Q. I have already signed-up and paid for my Basic SCUBA Course, am I still eligible for one of the all-inclusive packages?

A. YES! We will apply what you have already paid to any one of these packages at anytime your wish prior to your Certification Dives!

There are many options to chose from (Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze) and we suggest speaking with a Sales Team Member before making your final decision. Once you make your decision, we will register you for the Package, and you may either pay in one payment or participate in your packages payment plan option! Remember, you may chose to train and purchase your equipment without choosing one of the packages, we would be happy to assist you with that as well, however, we know that divers with their own equipment, and who have completed an Advance Course, dive more and are more comfortable in their skills. So, these packages ensure that you receive all of the great training and equipment that you need to live your hobby to the fullest and that you receive all of this, while saving $100s! With all that savings, you can start going on SCUBA Vacations with us right away!! 

For a quick comparison, check out the chart below