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Taveuni, Fiji

Dates: September 3 - September 12, 2020

Diver Price: $1995
Non-Diver Price: $1595
Group Air: Not Available

It's known as the land where happiness finds you. On Fiji, hospitality isn't considered an industry. It's a way of life. Attitude alone makes Fiji a favorite for many, but there's more. Beaches are of cinematic quality and the surrounding lagoons are the stuff of daydreams. When you imagine a Pacific Island paradise, chances are it will look like Fiji. Even greater sensory rewards await in the surrounding waters, where coral reefs explode in a riot of colors, and all manner of marine life thrive.

What's the diving like?

Tropical islands steeped in natural beauty, a welcoming 2,000-year-old culture and the friendliest people in the world. This is Fiji, a dream destination for divers. Below the surface, dense growths of alcyonarian soft corals create an undulating tapestry of life, in colors ranging from ice blue and purple to yellow, pink and red. These waters are home to more than 1,500 species of fish and more than 400 types of coral, populating an intriguing and diverse underwater environment that encompasses sun-dappled shallow reefs, precipitous walls, fish-laden pinnacles, shadowed grottoes, current-swept channels and some of the most famous dive sites on the planet.

Though best known for soft corals and drift dives, Fiji offers a diverse range of diving experiences. Calm lagoon waters are filled with massive coral heads known as bommies, while serpentine fringing reefs stretch for miles. Near shore shallows may transition to slopes, or lead abruptly to walls. Soft corals dominate many sites, but there is also abundant hard coral cover. Currents can range from gentle to brisk, and it is at times of moving water that the corals display full colors. Water temperatures reach the mid 80s in summer and can drop into the lower 70s in winter.

Where will you be staying?

Relax by the oceanfront pool, indulge in a soothing massage, or enjoy a traditional village visit, waterfall trek, kayaking remote island picnic or horseback riding. The island beckons you to explore and discover its natural secrets and embrace its warm and friendly culture.

Be Prepared!

Here's what to expect and a few tips


Included on your vacation;

  1. 7 nights in a ocean view dbl. occupancy.
  2. Welcome drink
  3. Meals included
  4. 3 days of 2-tank morning dives & 2 days of 3-tank boat dives
  5. Unlimited daytime shore diving
  6. Free use of kayaks
  7. Free culture night performance
  8. Transfers to and from resort in Fiji
  9. Hotel taxes

Not Included;

  1. Airport transfers in the United States
  2. Divemaster Tips


  1. Advanced Diver Course
  2. Nitrox Diver Course 

Tips and Info

  1. Drift diving is the norm. This should not intimidate divers unfamiliar with the process, as all dives are led by knowledgeable dive masters.
  2.  Cooler water temperatures from June to September may call for a 5mm suit, and possibly a light hood to ward off second-dive chills. For drift dives, it's advisable to carry a surface marker and reel..

Best Places to Dive in Fiji

  1. The massive bommies of Bega Lagoon provide both easy explorations and spectacular backdrops for shark encounters.
  2.  Vast slopes of brilliant soft corals dominate sites such as Rainbow Reef and the Great White Wall in the Somosomo Straits. 
  3. The Great Astrolabe Reef mixes walls and pinnacles with manta cleaning stations and channels that draw sharks and tuna. 
  4. Schooling reef sharks congregate at The Bleachers, and the brightly-colored coral's formations at the Black Forest are home to big trevally and groupers, plus small finds such as painted frogfish, scorpion leaf fish, nudibranchs and pipefish.