Purchasing SCUBA Equipment is a big commitment but Underwater World is here to help! 

Underwater World is committed to providing a purchasing experience to our divers that is hassle free, easy, and comfortable. With many online stores at your disposal you may be wondering why chose Underwater World? You may also want to checkout our clear, easy to understand policies on returns and shipping, including our Known Customer Expedited Shipping policy! 

Why Choose Underwater World?
Underwater World is more than just an online retailer, we are family business that has a brick and mortar store that is one of the largest in the country. We have been instructing, traveling, and providing divers with their equipment for over 40 years! 

  • Price Match Guarantee; Underwater World sells all of our products at the lowest price! In fact, if you find it lower from any other authorized dealer, we will match that price! 
  • Authorized Dealer; Underwater World is an authorized dealer for all products that we sell! That means your equipment is not only covered by the Underwater World warranty but also has a full manufacturers warranty associated with the product. It would truly scare you to know how many online retailers bring in their product from a gray market and not the manufacturer. That may mean your product "fell off a truck" before it was shipped to you. Remember, if they aren't an authorized dealer, you may find yourself without the support you need. 
  • The Support You Deserve; We are here to help! Whether you have questions about your product, warranty service that needs to be completed, or any other support, you can always contact us and we would be happy to assist you!

Did You Know...
That if your equipment is not purchased from an authorized dealer, it isn't covered by a warranty!? That only matters if your equipment stop working....right? Wrong! Your life-support equipment (regulator, octopus, computer, and B.C.D) should be serviced annually to ensure that is remains working at manufacturers specifications. During this service, if your equipment is covered by warranty, Underwater World will replace all of the life-limited parts FREE of charge! That saves you nearly $75 a year in parts! 








Underwater World is here for all of you SCUBA needs! We are an Authorized Dealer for all of our products and they will be covered by an Underwater World warranty and a Full Manufacturers Warranty. Once you make a purchase from Underwater World, you become part of our community of divers, not a number attached to a sale. We pledge to always offer you the support you deserve!

Thank you for choosing Underwater World!