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Underwater World is always looking for part-time team members. We are looking to grow the business and provide a better product to our thousands of divers. Over the last 5 decades, Underwater World has had some amazing employees, many part-time. They bring excitement, knowledge, and a sense of family to our divers that has helped to build our reputation as a great family business. This is a great opportunity to grow your SCUBA knowledge, meet new people, and earn some money on the side. 

This is more than just a normal part-time job. At Underwater World we use a "crowd sourced" business model to hire as many people with different professional backgrounds to actually have input, say, and drive the business in a direction that is constantly changing for the better. We don't do stagnate here and in order to accomplish that, we have to keep an open mind and let our team make impactful decisions. That means, that not only will you learn the ins and outs of everyday at Underwater World, you will have direct input and authorization to try your ideas, suggestions, and make changes. 

Have you ever gone into a business and thought "I could do better"?
Now is your chance to bring those ideas to an open minded team! 

Job Description 

Part-time employees are called upon on days and hours when we need a little extra help to complete a full schedule. The hours are very flexible. We use scheduling software for easy viewing of your schedule, along with trading days with other team members.

As a member of our Sales Team, you will be taught about the many products Underwater World has to offer, how they benefit our divers and how to make sure our divers receive the best products without spending an unnecessary amount of their hard earned money. Team members will learn about tank fills, Nitrox blending, and even regulator repairs.



  • Starting Pay: $12/hr
  • Flexible schedule
  • Yearly Profit Sharing Bonus Paid on Hours Worked
  • Part-Time Employee Discounts beginning 60 days from date of hire. 
    • Equipment 
    • Courses 
    • Travel 

Contact Jeff Guckin at if you are interested in becoming part of our team.